Upload Files to Amazon S3 with Meteor Slingshot


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Very nice article, and I agree the progress bars adds a nice touch. Could I use the same approach for uploading other files? For example my use case would be to let users upload PDFs and then send these via email through my application? Do you know if this would be possible with this set up or is there an easier way?

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Really good article! Simple and clear. Thank you !

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Hi thanks for the tutorial. I get downloadUrl undefined when I try to upload something.

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Also, anybody knows how we can encrypt calls to AWG services? The main concern is about managing hi def images (the original) from a owner, without transfering it plain visible on the web.

Finally, if there is not way to control access to images, I suppose we need a way to transfer from a location to another one (from the upload folder TO a processing folder TO a public folder for serving row res versions publicly.

There is a pull request for enabling encryption on meteor slingshot.


But it is not merged yet. You could change your library (I would not suggest)

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Also, as I am investigating a service like cloudinary.com, one of their features is automatic transform of images to other formats, such as thumbnail, mobile size, low resolution, etc.

Can we expect that AWS servers could do that? (By them or by our own implementation)?

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