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Using emojis inside the code to improve readability

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Tharinda Divakara
Β·Nov 14, 2018

Yes. I'm using emojis


I should try them


It's a bad idea


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Coding is a teamwork most of the time. Sometimes we need to use a really old code snippet or we need to modify it. On the other hand comments play a major role in a code. Before implementation, some people write what TODO in human language as a practice.

Nowadays, emojis are popular everywhere. In addition, emojis adds more emotional meaning to the text. So, what about emojis in code πŸ€”?

πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‘This is just an idea
---------For example ----------- 
πŸ”Ž - Something to  find more
πŸ’Ž - Something really important
πŸ”¨ - Something to fix
πŸ’― - Something fully Tested
πŸ”’ - Passwords or things related to security 
☝And another thing, most of the new text editors can display emojis