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Using Git Commands as a newbie

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Felicia Udosen
·Feb 9, 2022·

1 min read

As a newbie, I have always been scared of using command line to push my code to github. I preferred to use the drag and drop method of pushing my code because I felt using the terminal was harder but I did it today, I REALLY did it! I encountered some issues while pushing but I was able to solve those problems by googling the error messages that popped up. After pushing my code, I went as far as editing my code locally on my text editor and pushed again to be sure and it WORKED!
I am super excited and motivated to learn more about frontend development.

Here are the link to some resources that helped me understand git commands better:

  1. Git & GitHub Crash Course For Beginners by Traversy Media, Link:

  2. Git and GitHub for Beginners by FreeCodeCamp, Link: