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Using Low-Code For Complex Product—Muutassim Mukhtar

Using Low-Code For Complex Product—Muutassim Mukhtar

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Muutassim Mukhtar
·May 11, 2020

The phenomenon of Low-code

Low-code/No-code topic becomes hot nowadays. Probably you've faced systems for "developing without code". There are a lot of people who name themselves 'Makers'—they create products (mostly web) applying such low-code platforms.

I do love the idea. We should not develop similar pieces of functionality again and again! Low-code brings to life the idea of using high-level building blocks for apps.

Conventional wisdom says that you can craft an MVP on low-code, but if something complex is needed, you have to code it traditionally. Let me show you another aspect of low-code world. I found platforms which allow me to accelerate my work and avoid many routine operations.

Combining low-code solutions

I've composed almost perfect combination of platforms. Using them one can develop rather complex web apps.

Webflow suites for developing a web-site (for complex cases I prefer React); Paddle is good for adding for payments; •Zapier integrates with almost everything; •Airtable provides a pretty table; •Directual is a great tool for visual backend development (database, API, backend logic); Thus, we can avoid avoiding tons of routine work. Also I don't have to messing around with infrastructure!

Let's discuss such an approach! What do you think? Have you applied low-code solutions?