Hey dev community,

It's evident from the past Hashnode polls that VSCode is loved by a majority of the developers today.

If you are asked to pick up three things you like the most about the editor, what would they be? Well, if you can point out more than three items, please go ahead. 😃

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6 answers

  • command palette
  • linter integration
  • side view for markdown (even downloading images etc.).

I love these features. One nitpicking, I know it's maybe not realistic to ask given all the features it harbors but, I'd love if it would boot faster.

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  1. Lightweight
  2. Built-in Git client, see file changes and do even more git stuff with extensions like GitLens
  3. Built-in file compare
  4. Support for any language with extensions and language servers
  5. Integrated terminal
  6. Debugging
  7. Cross platform

There are three things I like the most about VS Code text editor:

Most important things to me.

1 Its very light weigh.

2 Git integration is awesom. I use it for resolve conflicts.

3 Javascript auto complete.

  • VS Code is like Notepad++ but better.
  • Very fast, lightweight, configurable basic IDE containing all you need for common development, especially JavaScript/Web, it is also much easier to use for basic C/C++ than installing huge Visual Studio package.
  • Available cross platform and finally good, free IDE for Mac as well.
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