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Vue (pronounced /vjuː/, like view) is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. It is designed to be incrementally adoptable, with the ability to scale between just a library and a full-feature framework, depending on your use case.

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Thank you for joining our AMA. The questions were brilliant; we all had much fun answering them. Here is a summary of the AMA:

  • Vue 2.5 is coming
  • vue-cli 3.0 has started and we want the community to participate
  • We plan public roadmap to make it easier to get on board and contribute.
  • Egoist and Linusborg might or might not be machines/AI
  • React patent issues don't affect Vue; we are unlikely to see any issues surrounding this. Vue will remain on MIT license.
  • Company backing is not an issue for us. We believe Vue has already surpassed the critical mass and "survival" is really no longer an issue.
  • Weex, NativeScript + Vue, and other tooling will be supported by the team for the long term. We are helping to mature the documentation and bridge the gap to help adoption.
  • React Fiber is interesting. Vue can leverage some learnings, and we will watch the space. Although we don't see a strong need to implement something similar.
  • Vue 3.0 is in the planning phase, targeting evergreen browsers. This will help us enhance the reactivity system and reduce library size. 2.x and 3.x will be maintained in parallel.
  • Web components will not (yet) be part of core, but we will continue to watch this space
  • We wish Wordpress all the best with their upcoming challenges and will support them as much as we can. It's still too early to say what will happen here, but we are very excited as a team on the prospects it brings.

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Kunal Varma's photo

Are there any plans for an official package, similar to React Native, for Vue?

Do you feel that if Vue has a Native package (Vue Native 😎), it's adoption would see a rapid growth and hopefully be adopted & supported by major players?

Thank you for your amazing work. Kudos 🙌

Evan You's photo

Currently we have no plans for such an initiative to be taken on by the core team itself, because there are already existing solutions such as Weex and NativeScript + Vue. The core team has limited bandwidth and it would be unwise to invest time in yet another competing solution.

We know that Weex, being from a Chinese company (alibaba), its documentation, learning resources and community engagement in the western world are not as abundant as those of ReactNative, but the core technology itself is absolutely rock solid. It has been used in production at Alibaba for almost 2 years, and has endured the tests of extreme scenarios (the "double 11", similar to Black Friday except with even higher traffic).

NativeScript + Vue is also interesting - although not as mature as Weex/ReactNative at this point, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

From the team's perspective, I think it's worthwhile for us to bridge the gap of adoption, helping these projects with better documentation, and a better onboarding experience as smooth as using Vue itself.

Duane Rivera's photo

Vue.js is awesome; there's no question about it. Considering the recent license changes to ReactJS, many developers and startup are curious these days.

How can we be sure that this won't happen with Vue.js?

Evan You's photo

First a small correction: React has always been using that license (BSD + patent clause), it was only brought into attention again due to Apache foundation banning the license from its projects.

Regarding the question: the most critical difference is that Vue is not owned by a major corporation that has to defend itself or exert competitive leverage with patents. Facebook chose to enforce the patent clause to protect itself from patent litigations. In comparison, we do not own or leverage any known patents in Vue, nor are we a for-profit company that could become target of patent trolls, so we have no incentive to complicate our license with problematic clauses like Facebook's.

Even in the worst case scenario where a future version of Vue switches to a less-open license, all past versions of Vue are still under MIT, and can be forked if necessary. But as explained above, this is extremely unlikely to happen.

gusto's photo

Browsing Github issues we can find some hints that Vue 3 may show up in the upcoming future. What are the key features or changes that you consider and how do you imagine potential transition from Vue 2?

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Evan You's photo

Vue 3 is not going to be one of those "big change releases" - the main difference will be that Vue 3 only targets modern "evergreen" browsers (i.e. IE11 & below are out).

Resetting the browser support baseline gives the opportunity to:

  • Rewrite the reactivity system using ES2015 Proxies. This will get rid of almost all of the existing gotchas/compromises in the current reactivity system, and has potential to improve performance as well.

  • We can drop all the code dealing with compatibility issues and esoteric bugs in older browsers. This should shed some good amount of weight from the lib size.

This is really the main point - we strive to keep the public API close to 100% compatible, and v2/v3 will be maintained in parallel with feature parity until the older browsers completely phase out.

Eduar Tua's photo

A lot of people is worried about a big company not backing Vue, is that a real problem for the future adoption of the technology?

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Blake Newman's photo

Frontend Engineer, Speaker and @vuejs core team member. Ensuring maintainable and performant code with Sacrificial Architecture principles.

To me also it matters more about those using the tool, and people use Vue this is what will keep the ecosystem running.

There are more and more companies using Vue, including some very big names. Who have vested interest in supporting the ecosystem. So there is no worries of Vue dying out, as we will continue to support and make it better.

Eric McCormick's photo

I love Vue for its great simplicity to use, the high quality documentation, and the entire ecosystem* around it. What are the next major efforts for the team and how or where can I best follow those efforts?

(aka if I see something I can help with, I'd love to, otherwise just follow)

*vue-cli, easily used and extended templates, VS Code's vetur, Chrome DevTools extension

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Evan You's photo

Yes, we are planning to setup a public roadmap so that the community can get a better hold of the things we are working on! Stay tuned :)