Web Mentions Support for blogs

Webmention is a web standard for mentions and conversations across the web, a powerful building block that is used for a growing federated network of comments, likes, reposts, and other rich interactions across the decentralized social web.

This feature will fetch web mentions for that post and display just before the comment section.

More context: swyx.io/writing/clientside-webmentions

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Danny Steenman's photo

+1 for this feature ☝. This would definitely be a game-changer to this platform! Having Webmentions enabled gives us the possibility to combine twitter interactions with the blog posts in this community!

Bruno Raljic's photo

yeah, especially if it can be set up out of the box great feature request

David's photo

+1 I really like webmentions, it's like a universal comment/reaction system and it can even be used with twitter/github with something like bridgy.

swyx's photo

lol i was VERY surprised to see my own article cited there, thanks :)