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What appeals to you about React and/or Redux?

James Sinclair's photo
James Sinclair
·Aug 28, 2017

Hi all, I’m curious as to what in particular appeals to you about React and/or Redux?

When I first saw JSX, I was horrified. It looked like a return to the bad-old-days when we attached event handlers directly in HTML attributes. But then I started to learn more about what it was actually doing, and how it actually worked, and I began to see how it could be useful. Now I use it extensively for production work.

Then, I saw Dan Abramov’s original Redux presentation, and a lot of things started to ‘click’ for me. I began to see how React and Redux together could help manage complexity in application development.

I have formed some personal opinions about what makes React and Redux useful. But, I’m really curious to find out what other people find appealing (or not).