What apps, tools, chrome extensions, services etc do you use to be more productive?

I would love to know what tools keep my fellow developers productive. Moreover, this can serve as a comprehensive list of tools/services developers use for better productivity. So, please share your secrets! :D

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  • Chrome is my web viewer and debugger #1. It has such a good developer experience <3
  • Cannot live without WebStorm, it's too goooood (call me an addict :D)
  • Kate is my date for all the loose text files
  • Regex101 for writing weird symbol chains
  • Just a few weeks ago, I fell in love with GitKraken, which I use with GitHub - however GitKraken cannot do everything (e.g. multi-accounts via hostname and cert-files), so I also use posh-git and bash-completion
  • Fuck. Ain't gonna say sorry, because that's the name and it does its thing when I mess up my console commands
  • Since I have an abysmal large number of different accounts, and I do care about security, I keep things manageable with KeePass. Just hit CTRL+ALT+A and it auto-inserts the right account data into the login prompts :)
  • Nothing says "Productive" like Yakuake jumping onto my screen when I need to input a console command really quickly and then re-hide the console
  • All the Linux people probably know ALT+Space, however what to do on Windows? Well, say hello, Launchy (oh, and nope, pressing Windows-key and using the Windows Search is very crap-a-lot. No, thanks.)
  • Also, I dunwanna update all the above mentioned stuff, so I use package managers. Even on Windows: Chocolatey <3 (though I have to say that I have not tried the Windows Store on Win10, yet. Well, at work, that one is not available either way... )
  • ... And a lot of custom scripts on all platforms, which automate away all the manual tasks, like triggering the pm update, syncing stuff between devices, etc.

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💯 I'm glad somebody asked this question because I enjoy finding little productivity hacks. My whole list will be MacOS based:

  • Quadro: "Control desktop applications and automate your workflow with a personalised interface". See this as your extra keyboard where you can quickly switch windows, restart terminal processes, go to slack channel, etc. Any macro/shortcut you can think of. Use this in combination with Keyboard Maestro's macro's. You have to try this! 🙌🏻🔥
  • Alfred: clipboard history, better than MacOS' spotlight 🎩
  • Keyboard Maestro: macro's, automate everything
  • Magnet: Window manager. Easily align and position you windows.
  • iTerm2: Terminal. Supercharge your terminal with oh-my-zsh. 💻
  • Webstorm: 👍🏻
    • use the Key Promoter plugin to learn every keyboard shortcut by heart.
    • It has an excellent NodeJS debugger.
    • Great for running tests.
    • Version control.
  • Postman: Test API's! 🚀
  • Kitematic: quickly spin up a docker container with a click of a button. For example: MySQL, MongoDB, Nginx, Redis, etc. 🐳
  • Prettier: Opinionated Code Formatter. Setup your IDE to run prettier on document save.💅
  • Duckduckgo browser extension: use bangs to immediately search google, stackoverflow, github, npmjs 🦆
  • 1Password for managing your passwords on multiple devices + sharing passwords 🔑
  • transform.now.sh: (javascript) json to object, json to Typescript, json to React PropTypes, CSS to objects, etc
  • regexr.com: Build & Test Regex
  • DataGrip: IDE for database
  • Path Finder: Pro file manager
  • Airmail: email client 📫
  • Feedly: rss reader, stay up to date with news in development world.


I cannot imagine a day developing without using these tools, just imagine all the time you are winning! 😉

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Well here is a list I use every day or at least regularly:

Chrome/Firefox extentions:

  • Some JSON viewer (JSON Formatter on Chrome, Json Lite on FF)
  • Redux, React and Vue.js DevTools
  • Lighthouse
  • LiveReload (in connection with Watch plugin for Webpack)


  • Postman
  • Gitkraken
  • VSCode (primary) resp. Sublime Text 3 (secondary)
  • IntelliJ
  • Remmina (I run Linux in a mainly Windows environment so RDP is mandatory)
  • zsh + ohmyzsh
  • Firefox Developer Edition / Chrome
  • Visual Studio 2017 (for the .Net stuff)

That's it for now, I will add things I forgot when they get up to my mind :)

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OK, I’m not sure Hashnode gives me enough space to to create a list of all my tools, but here you go, in no particular order, both in work and private:

  • Emacs (c’mon, really)?
    • Please don’t make me list all the packages I use, but most notably:
    • magit
    • projectile
  • Flask
  • MariaDB (formerly known as MySQL)
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Webpack
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • Postman
  • Tilix
  • tmux
  • Docker
  • uWSGI
  • Python
  • Vue.js and Co.
  • Fish shell
  • Chrome (with a few unrelated extensions)
  • GitLab

The list could really go on for a while. Ask me in particular, and I will make a better one.

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For Chrome, Javascript Errors Notifier, Cookies and Cookie Inspector (two different extensions... I like Cookies better, but there's a weird bug in it that annoys me), Advanced REST Client.

vi for my text editor

Aptana Studio 3 IDE for PHP development (sadly, this is a defunct product... it had a lot of promise, and is still pretty good, but doesn't deal with modern PHP versions, but I like it... so there.)

OneNote to cover lots of miscellaneous things (sys admin notes, documentation for processes, clients who are use our SFTP and their related info, etc.)

Mattermost hosted in-house for chat with my team members (only the enterprise version of Slack is HIPAA-compliant, and for the little bit we would use it, not worth it)

Good ol' pen and paper for my to-do list. Nothing else works quite as well, as quick and as flexible (for me... I'm a simple man.)

jsonlint.com for JSON validation (finding that pesky odd character can be a pain sometimes!!!)

Edit: Forgot one important one: snippingtool - a little Window utility that lets me clip an area of the screen for a screenshot.

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