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What are some annoying things that websites do?

Mario Giambanco's photo
Mario Giambanco
·Sep 30, 2016

What annoying things do companies and their web developers do on websites? We might be programmers, but we're also customers at the same time. I spend as much time if not more on other companies websites as I do my own.

A few that come to mind off the bat: Follow on Facebook and click on one of their articles. Before you can view the article, they throw up a page that says (something to the effect of) "We have a mobile app! Do you want to view the page in our app or continue via the browser?" The page itself is a PITA - you've now caused me to click a second time to get to the content I want. And no, I don't want to leave the Facebook app and open your app. I'm perfectly fine viewing the article via the web browser. Further, the link to view it via the browser is tiny and at the bottom of the page.

New products, random sites I come across: Tracking the mouse cursor and detecting when it gets close to the back button and throwing a discount modal or a don't go message or a subscribe to our newsletter or whatever. So your saying you didn't want to offer me a discount before, but now that I'm considering leaving your page, your gonna give it to me now? That's not very nice. All the other offenses including subscribe to newsletter - if it's so important to you, why wasn't this more predominant on the page?

X Comments (click to view) does this and many others. Why do I need to click to view? Do you think my machine doesn't have enough memory to handle loading the article and the comments at the same time? Again, another step to get to the content I want. If you think your getting additional ad revenue by me reloading the page to view the comments, don't most people use an ad blocker now a days? Why not just track when the comments div container comes into view and load the comments then if it's a bandwidth issue or an ad load issue?

Moderated comments and other "formerly owned gawker properties" - comments don't appear unless you get a "star" - When I post a comment, I want to see my comment. I will obsessively come back to my comment and see if anyone replied to my comment. That's me. I'm a little kid when I comment. I want to interact with people. Why do I need a star before people can see my comment? What, they other dozen comments you've shown because of commenter rep are better then mine? Their comments; their all equally worthless now a days because people hide behind this "it's the internet; I can say what I want" vail. Few comments have constructive value (especially on a site like gizmodo). I don't comment often, but when I do, don't treat me like an outsider, please.

Anyone else coming across anything that really ticks them off?