What are some of the best work from home tips for developers?

Hey guys, I hope you are safe and having quality time with your family during the self-quarantine.

As most of us are working remotely today, what are some of the best tips and advice you have for developers who are experiencing this change for the first time?

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Hi Syed, it's been a tough couple of week so far but things are looking up right now.

Working from home for me is usually awesome. I can get a lot done because I don't have nearly as many interruptions as I would in an office (although it does feel good to pop in the office often).

This has not been the case in recent times though as my house is now always packed with family. Here's what works for me:

  • Pushing all tasks that require deep concentration to 2 am (almost everyone is asleep by now)
  • Work on the easier ones during the day whenever I can find the time (I'm taking it easy)
  • Most importantly, take a nap at around 4 pm - 7 pm. This allows me to wake up at 2 am feeling refreshed
  • Frequent short walks around my neighbourhood. Not so many people want to risk walking so the streets are empty. I understand that not everyone can do this so I'd substitute with light indoor exercises once or twice a week.

These are tough times but we can find silver linings and use the free time to bond with family or work on personal skills. We could all come out of this better versions of ourselves ❤️.

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Above all, I think regulated working hours. You should also remember to get up and get some fresh air (I never do that myself, but still).

You should also finish work and not hang on for another hour because you are sitting at your PC anyway.

But currently the most important thing is: stay healthy!

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React Frontend Guy ⚛

This is good advice 👍

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Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

I agree, getting away from the computer and spending quality time with your family is super important. This is something we never do in our regular routine. :)

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