What are some popular websites that use ReactJS?

I am a front end developer and have been playing with React framework lately. I find it really impressive and would like to know if React is production ready. Are there any popular websites that use React in production?

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Hi @josh88,

ReactJS is definitely production ready. The following popular websites are known to be using React.


I will update this comment when I come across more ReactJS websites.

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You can use Goolge Chrome extention: react-detector. When you are browsing a website built on react, it will let you know.

Some other useful Chrome extention's: React Developer Tools (Adds React debugging tools to the chrome developer tools) Show me React (Highlights react components on the page)

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Taskade is built on ReactJS. A frictionless way to organize your tasks, take notes, and get things done.

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I just learned that Intuit is going to port Turbo Tax over to ReactJS.

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Based on a detailed blog post -> brainhub.eu/blog/10-famous-apps-using-react..

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GetStream.io just published a production ready social media application (similar to Instagram). Check it out at http://cabin.getstream.io.

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Paytm.com using Isomorphic react partially.

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NFL - The National Football League. They have contributed a lot to React Ecosystem. From their Medium post:

The National Football League adopted React in December of 2014. For the past year we have iterated and built on React’s core concepts, various Flux implementations, JSX, Babel, experimental proposals, and functional approaches. You name it and we’ve probably evaluated it and possibly use it in production. Read on for a review of the NFL’s year in React. https://medium.com/nfl-engineers/nfl-react-84e9cd11d384#.udqgrbm1z

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Hi Joshua!

Take a look at these websites that are built with React JS:

  1. Facebook
  2. Dropbox
  3. Mattermark
  4. Tesla
  5. Atlassian
  6. Airbnb
  7. Netflix
  8. Reddit
  9. BBC
  10. Cloudflare

You should definitely pay attention to React JS. Check this article to learn more about its advantages.

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Hey Joshua,

I'm hoping for a necromancer badge for this one, answering 5 years after you asked

React is one of the best bets for a scalable, production ready front end framework.

I was also curious what companies are using it and hiring for it.

I live in the Bay Area and collected a list of companies that use React. I combed through job listings, who has hosted meetups etc

Here's a map and list of companies in the Bay Area currently using React.js: employbl.com/blog/companies-that-use-reactj.. (over 100 listed, from startups to enterprise)

I hope other React devs find this post useful

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I created my open source portfolio using ReactJS. here's the LIVE version: p32929.github.io

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We rewrote Skoolar.com (originally written in Python/Django) using ReactJS and Relay together with a GraphQL backend based on Graphene (using Pythong). We recently updated the Relay component to Relay Modern, which was not the picnic we were hoping for, but is proving to be worth the effort.

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We built our site with reactJS.


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Inflect - inflect.com