What are some tools and technologies that have changed your life?


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Cloud hosting. Most here are younger and most here don't remember the days when all there was, was shared hosting or colocation or roll your own. No more need for spending thousands on a server and putting it in a colocation rack. No more running your own server room and the pains of cooling, backup batteries, backup generators, redundant internet connections, etc... It's not perfect for all sites or apps (looking at banks, casinos, etc...) but for 99.xxxx% ? Get's the job done and usually cheaper too.

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I'm part of the "old timer's" crowd and I'll add a few things that I feel have changed for the better:

  • Code editors
  • Static Site Generators
  • Ease of hosting
  • Ease of setting up local servers
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Blockchain technology has absolutely changed my life.

When I first understood its potential I realized that this technology would change the world and be the next internet. I am glad that I understood its potential not too late and still have the time to explore, learn every piece of this technology and become a blockchain expert in the near future.

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For me ..

  • Angular 1.X , now Angular 4 -- Reduced development time to less than half for same functionality as compared to coding the same using jQuery earlier.
  • Spring Boot / Spring Cloud : Changed the way we code using Spring... completely removed xml based configurations and complete support for cutting edge Cloud technologies .
  • Docker : The way we manage and deploy apps, configure once and run any number of times.
  • Linux instances : digital ocean, vultr changed the way be handle hosting.
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I second Mario Giambanco, cloud hosting has made everything so much easier. Especially tools like DigitalOcean where I can spin up/down a server via API in minutes, if not seconds.

The other two tools in recent memory that has saved me countless hours and effort are Ansible and Buddy. Ansible so I can automate everything and Buddy so my VCS and deployment's are automated. I can't stress how awesome those two tools are and how much of a lifesaver they have been.


The REST api pattern has really eased how to separate concerns between the front and back end stacks for me

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