What are the basic things/features you expect from a cloud company in the free plan?

Imagine you are hearing about DigitalOcean for the first time today. What features do you expect from their free tier?

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That's a good question.

  1. I actually wouldn't expect anything besides that the contracts of the rates/services/plugins that were define at the signup aren't changed afterwards.

  2. I want to have a 'workable' solution in the free segment. Gliffy for example reduces the amount of saveable diagrams to 5 and disables the sharing. But still I can paint all the diagrams I need. Now I am a paying customer

  3. Nowadays I don't really use freemium besides tryouts for software. I even sponsor intellij/library plugin authors. So maybe I am not the best example for a 'free software user' anymore.

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Haha - you made me search for a Gliffy vs Draw.io comparison (never knew Draw had competition other than the big guns like Visio) - and it was entertaining to see both companies have a dedicated page about how they're better than the other :D

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If a cloud company start providing a free tier even with limited resources they might go bankrupt within a few days 😂 unless they make the application sleep after a few hours just like Heroku.

There is already a website which provides a free plan to host your WordPress website for free with limited resources.

As far DigitalOcean is concerned, they might launch a special free tier plan for developers (by doing some verification process), because developers are awesome 😎.

I always wanted to host the Ghost blog for free 😋, if I could do that in a free plan, that would be great.


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If it was my first time, then I expect a free tier to:

  • Allow me to create a free droplet minimal storage specs, maybe half the 5$ tier:
    • 0.25 TB transfer
    • 512mb memory
    • 5 GB SSD disk Also, the droplet should expire after a week or 2

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1- Free small server ( 1 gb ). 2- Few website templates 3- Wordpress blog 4- free ssl 5- one year free support.

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For a new-age cloud company, I'd expect the following in the free plan:

  1. Ability to setup a server quickly and for free. It can be a small server (512 MB).
  2. Ability to store some data in a S3-equivalent storage system. Again, I'd assume they would limit the data storage in the free plan.
  3. Ability to access and manage DNS. I would expect full control on the DNS even in the free plan.
  4. Be able to host a static website from the distributed storage directly. This would be a very smart move if available in the free plan. If they offer blog / site templates, that's killer.
  5. Git repository and direct hosting via GitOps. This is similar to the Heroku workflow and it's a great crowd puller. I'd assume they would put this in their free plan.

I understand that most providers already give this in their plans. Hence, this list may be a biased one.

Arpit Mohan what about for free ssl ?

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