People who replied my question asked about my current skill set, so when I tested my skills through Pluralsight assessment, following was the result.

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Actually I know some JavaScript, but I wanted to be kind of an expert who is very confident when writing JavaScript applications.

The answers will also serve those who are completely new to JavaScript or Programming and open this question in hope to get a proper and quicker path which don't waste much of their time.

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There's a great free ebook Eloquent JavaScript that introduces the language and some more advanced concepts in the further chapters.

Depending on your background, there might also be more specific resources like Javascript for Java Developers. I read a little book with the same title once (it's only available in German, afaik) and it helped me a lot getting started and reusing my existing Java/programming knowledge from university.

So maybe you provide some more details about your background and then we can help you further. :)

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The "QUICKLY" I don't have an answer to. That is totally dependant on you, your tenacity, your background, your learning style, and whether or not you have the aptitude to learn JavaScript (and/or programming in general).

As for learning how to program, I don't see it as a linear process. I see it as an evolution - that as time passes in a linear fashion, you evolve as a programmer based on what you have learned, and how you have been applying that to your coding. You don't always have to delve deep into a topic, but as you come across concepts that you don't understand, take the opportunity to then dive deeply into that topic - that is how you will become a more proficient programmer and progress past being a junior developer.

As for learning resources (all of these are free):


MDN JavaScript:

Eloquent JavaScript:

There's also the You Don't Know JavaScript (YDKJS) series which I have heard is not easily consumable by someone new to coding (I hard a hard time digesting one of the books I printed out and switched to something else myself):

Ultimately: writing code and delving deeper into topics past the basics is what is going to make you more productive/proficient in any programming language.

There are also a TON of topics past just picking up the basics of JavaScript (or any language for that matter) to becoming a proficient programmer. It's an iterative process that I don't feel can be done "QUICKLY".

Hope that helps!

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This came to mind. You should know some basics first. Introductory fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Try the likes of free code camp, codecademy, or a find a MOOC covering those bases if you need to start there. Eloquent JavaScript is great for a deeper dive into the language.

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People have already mentioned really good resources, I just got my first job and I would say one should definitely go through what is written there on website it is really good.

I'm a react developer but the object manipulation given there has enhanced my understanding really well.

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When coding, not one second of your time is wasted, no matter what you do! Everything is learning. If you think you've wasted time coding somewhere, then your mindset is flawed.

The utter most important thing in the life of a developer (but in fact, in anyone's life) is experience. There is nothing that can substitute it. There are no shortcuts to cooking that ultimate pasta that takes your taste buds for a rollercoaster ride. Sure, you can watch and do exactly the same, but we would probably still recognize Giorgio Locatelli's dish apart from yours. Maybe in the details. Maybe from the detours he took. Maybe because he took his time to stand still and think before he began.

So, don't go for the quick win. Take your time. And enjoy it! Don't become that disconcerted 17yo that took the speedway to a level 80 tauren hunter, only to become utterly bored, because, having clawed everything there was to snatch left and right, what now?

P.S. would love to pull a poll from this comment on who now feels I'm a Stone Age grandpa ;-) I continue to feel that this sense comes with age.

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