What are you all working on this week?

We changed a few things around here. 😅 A detailed blog post is coming up. But tell us about yourself - what are you working on this week and what did you achieve so far?

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Sandeep Panda,

Things are looking neat, I really got a 'wow' feeling(😮) when opened HashNode site last night! Great! Hope you all will fix the responsiveness also soon so that, my 'Add to Home Screen' of HashNode also renders it correctly(Now, I have the app as well 😊).

This week been personally down due to some emergency at Home, but still accomplished few things that kept me on High:

  • 💻 Regular Office Work and this time getting things close to the release.
  • 😆 Worked with my first Mentee on MentorCruise and got some good accomplishment guiding him.
  • 😂 Published a Blog on DevBlog: Sending and Scheduling emails from node.js app
  • 🔥 Worked on a pet project called fullstack-reborn. Lots of learning from it so far.. It will be publicly out soon.
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Loads of bug fixes for our recently announced new Home Connect App @ IFA2019 for residential IoT devices (unfortunately I could not join IFA because of private circumstances). Today, we had our first after-IFA sprint planning and worked out the next milestones and a look-ahead for what we want to get done until the release. I'm quite excited about this project 😁

As for my private projects, I am working on a pre-coursor game for my main game, since Amethyst changes too much, which is hindering me a lot. Also, I plan to get a few things into the prequel. For this, I am building on Babylonjs, which is a polished web library. Hope to get something to the screen, soon.

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I could finally managed to write a blog post that I wanted to write since years... it basically shows some unique debugging capabilities that I think we should all fight for. Felt sooo good to finally be able to do it. PS: I think I saw some of the changes here ;)

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Getting my projects ready for Hacktoberfest-2k19:-

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Trying to publish my second article on hashnode