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What are your top cli tools / hacks for productivity?

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·May 1, 2016


So, starting with git, I am a bit fan of git-extras and hub, both save a hell lot of time, while working with terminal git.

Stop repeating yourself!

There's a cool trick, if you're tired of repeating yourself. Best examples are sudo commands. How often somone type something like

$ service nginx restart

And gets a "You need sudo rights to execute dat?"

So, we type $ sudo service nginx restart again. For faster workflow we arrow up, then ctrl +a to get to the beginning of the line and type sudo. But theres even a shorter way:

$ sudo !!

The double exclamation mark will redo the last typed command.

Creating nested folders

A really cool trick that also saves a lot of time for creating nested folders via terminal:

mkdir -p parent/{child1,child2,child3}

You can also create files into this folders.

touch !!:2/{yolo.txt,swag.txt}

I am using z to navigate to all my project folders. It basically saves all the recent folders you visit and keeps a history on how often you visit them to create a ranking. You can then simply type

$ z cool-project 

and it will navigate you to $ home/User/x/projects/code/cool-project

So, what are your top cli tools, tricks and hacks?