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What does a modern UI designer's workflow look like in 2017?

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·Dec 6, 2016

How does a professional UI/UX designer's workflow look like in reality and how it shoud look like in the ideal world? What problems still exist today? What would you change?

What is that process, where do you start from, which step is next, and which one is the last.

Do you do any research/analysis at the beginning of any new work?

Which devices and apps are used? Tablets with pencils? Just a paper? Drawing with mouse?

What tools should be used today? Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, with what plugins, Affinity Designer, GIMP, Inkscape, etc... Mac or Windows? Or just design, and write code right in the browser yourself?

Any patterns, frameworks, methodologies used?

What about collaboration? Google Drive, Marvel, InVision, what else, why?

Version control/Git for designers, is it possible, does it work?

Do you create UI kits? At the beginning, at the end?

Do pixels matter in the age of responsive design and thousands of devices and screen sizes?

Do you write instructions for engineers? How they should animate, change on hover, min/max container sizes, breakpoints, etc.