What I learned as a CTO


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A very interesting story. I completely agree with the following statement:

A CTO should be technology agnostic. This doesn't mean I don't have a preference. It just means that I don't pick up a hammer and view everything as a nail.

A CTO should always strive to have an understanding of different tech stacks, paradigms etc. When it comes to real-world projects, a CTO should carefully evaluate every possible detail and choose the right stack.

IMO, imposing their preferred stack onto every project is the most dangerous thing a CTO can do.

That is why God depends on men/women so much to help the fellow men/women. Jesus spent much time building a team while in His days on earth and even now He is doing the same with His Own Spirit working with us and working in us.

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Welcome to the club.

I take a walk with members of my team...

This, indeed, does a magic. Leadership is about many 1x1 f2f conversations.

I don't know the science behind it, but walking helps a lot. Even on a personal level, I take a walk if I have to think deep about something; I take a walk whenever I have to set objectives and key results for myself and the team.

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Thanks for the article, @jjude. You did mention that you try to understand the marketing and sales side of things. How much time do you think you spend on them and why do you do it?

Why I do it?

  • Tech says here is a solution, do you have a problem? (we are a nodejs developers, do you want nodejs developers). Marketing says, you have a problem, here is how I can help (do you want to launch your product quickly and scale? Here is how I will build that solution. btw it happens to be built in nodejs, which is used by most of the fortune 100 companies). Guess what, marketing puts food on the table. Earlier we, developers, understand that, we will become better marketers and we don't have to depend on others to do it for us. Even in big companies, like Infosys, if a developer knows abt marketing, it makes them lot more valuable.
  • Even within companies, there is always prioritization of focus. There is limited resource available (money, attention ..). So if you want to build a competency or focus on a particular technology, you need to convince the management. Sales and marketing skills help there too.

How much time?

  • When I started to add that to my skills, I spent awful lot of time. Now it has become almost a routine, so I'm fine-tuning. It's like learning new language.
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Great saying..!!!

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great experience Joseph Jude

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