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What Is Metaverse All About?

What Is Metaverse All About?

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Victor Faith
·May 31, 2022·

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What Is Metaverse?

If you're interested in technology, you've probably heard the buzzword of the moment: "metaverse." Although no one can claim to be an authority on the phrase "metaverse," I will take us on a little tour through what the term "metaverse" entails from my personal perspective.

The metaverse is the next phase in the growth of the internet, and it can be reached through multiple access points (of which the most common access point is augmented reality and virtual reality). The metaverse, like other virtual games, can be compared as being inside an internet (an internet brought to life in a 3d format).

The metaverse, moreover, is an universe of endless virtual connections where people can congregate to interact, work, play, and attend seminars or concerts.

You can try on a digital fabric to surprise yourself. Yes, this, among other things, distinguishes the metaverse. However, many individuals are unaware that nearly half of the world's population interacts with the metaverse on a daily basis. Take a moment to consider it.

History Of Metaverse

The word "metaverse" was coined by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his 1992 cyberpunk novel "snow crash." He described metaverse in his book as "a shared imaginary realm made available to the general community across the world wide web network."

He, conceived the metaverse as a virtual world where humans can communicate with each other and digital solutions in the form of their avatars. Interestingly, his vision for the metaverse painted it as the future evolution of the internet on the shoulders of VR technology.

Pictorially the history of metaverse is explained below

History-Of-Metaverse-Revised.webp Photo credit: https://www.cnbctv18.com/

Pros And Cons Of Metaverse

The Pros and Cons of Metaverse are numerous, but I will only highlight a few in my opinion.

Pros Of Metaverse

Improvements to online learning and education

With the metaverse, learning will be more accessible than ever. The physical location of the classroom no longer needs to be taken into consideration. People from around the world will be able to share information and study together in real-time in a hands-on educational environment. In addition to that, since we have full control over what the students see inside the metaverse, conveying ideas and concepts will be easier with visual learning.

More Immersive Digital Communication

The major advantage of the metaverse centers on enabling a more immersive form of digital communication in which individuals can interact with one another using avatars while navigating through a complex and life-like virtual environment.

Supports The Power Of Blockchain

Here is another advantage of the metaverse which is that Metaverse backs the power of Blockchain. We can describe blockchain as the foundation of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. Along with it, Blockchain facilitates the development of NFT. The metaverse promotes the NFT based games and provides a suitable environment for these games and blockchain environments.

Connecting The World And Negating Physical Distance

The most notable advantage of the metaverse would be the fact that it completely makes geographic barriers irrelevant. Once you’re in the virtual world, your physical location doesn’t matter anymore and you are no longer bound by it.

Cons Of Metaverse

Advanced Technical Requirements

One big disadvantage of the metaverse is it comes with the basic requirement of advanced technical equipment. There are several requirements and involvement that come with metaverses such as VR Headsets, Blockchain, haptics, and many more.

Privacy Concerns

One of the biggest concerns of digital technology and its users across the world is the security of the platform. As it requires the attendees to fill in their data, it becomes an extra concern for the organizers to maintain the privacy of the data. The security and privacy breach can create blunders and cost the organizers their entire reputation.

Collapsing Gaps Between The Real And Virtual World

While the intent of the metaverse is to bring the real and virtual world together, it blurs the difference between the virtual and real-world completely. Apart from this, such technological advancements have become an addiction. It also affects the way people perceive their real-life relationships.


In conclusion, with the growth of the mobile network industry, which is evident in the production of IoT and 5G, one can only wonder what faucet of metaverse will be unfolded in the future time to come.

Do well to check out these blockbuster movies: Free guy, Ready player one, and Matrix to conceptualize the possibilities contained in METAVERSE.

free guy.jpg Photo Credit: wall.alphacoders.com

matrix.jpg Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com ready player one.jpg Photo Credit: www.peakpx.com