What is the best advice someone has given you that has helped you in your career?

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Bolaji Ayodeji's photo

Don't try to be someone else other than yourself. Being you is the only thing that could make you stand out in the crowd. People can spot when someone is being genuinely themselves or not. Try to get to where you want by adding your own character, personality, and touch to your path.

Ben Buchanan (200ok)'s photo

"You can't be a legend at everything right away", ie. it takes time and practice to develop new skills and you need the patience to get through the initial learning curve.

Mohammed Saeb's photo

There is no such thing as "I completed that certain language " there is always more to learn

Sm0ke's photo

Keep it simple. If your solution is getting complicated, you are not on the right track.

Marco Alka's photo

One of the best I got was "always keep complaining." If something does not work the way you want it, complain. Complaints are the first step to change, to a better experience, hence a better life. 🤪

I like to generalize it, though. In order to get what you want (high-perf laptop, good team morale, fast feature development, more money,...), be pro-active and take the initiative. Never stick with a standard or state (you don't like). Try for improvement and make your world a happier place.

By the way, the above motto did not only help me in my career, but also my life. I was able to explore many activities, cultures and I got to experience many things. I will do so in the future, too, even though it's exhausting sometimes.

Tapas Adhikary's photo

There are many that I came across but here are few practical ones:

  • Copy Paste is not a Crime, if you know what you are copying.
  • Be that individual who can be copied but, you are first piece of that sort.
  • Don't rush(I am still struggling with it though!)
  • Be Honest to Yourself first and then to others!
Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Don’t fall in love with your work!

It changed the way I think drastically. :)

Sujay Maheshwari's photo
  • Love your craft, not your employer
  • Build relationships with individuals by putting them before the problem you are solving. Not everyone is going through the same phase of life as you are
  • Never give your first feedback to a person in a public forum - speak to them privately and convey your message very respectfully
  • Everyone is good at something - take time to understand how 1+1 can be made 11
  • If you think you are smart and will kick someone's a** today, soon someone else will put you at the other side of the table - Avoid this situation
  • Follow the money - Understand incentive structure for everyone involved
  • Be comfortable with silence - you should not feel compelled to fill it with garbage
  • Always ask - "Why Now?"
Rafia Ramadhani's photo

The bug you facing at the moment, someone else faced it, if not this year probably some years ago so learn how to ask Google about the errors you are getting and there is no magic you will definitely find a solution, and asking someone else to fix it for you might made you not understanding the source and solution just keep on googling 😊

Todd's photo

"Shut up and start coding."

The premise is that the simple act of DOING needs hours clocked behind it in order to learn.

Maneesh Kumar's photo
  1. Never give up
  2. Keep learning
  3. Give your 100% .
Kate Evlyn's photo

This is a piece of advice I give to myself. Chase your dreams not matter what. Learn from the failures. Its never too late to start over again.

Faith Morante's photo

Keep learning, keep digging

Joshua Alhassan's photo

Learn all you can, and can all you learn...

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