What is the best way to get value out of Hashnode?

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Put value into it. :)

No, seriously I've been on here for only about a week now and everyone seems really open to questions and helping out. Staying involved you'll find that people are pretty zealous to help out with your questions. Happy coding!

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Code it down!

Yeah man! you are correct. Zeal to help others, and ultimately helping them makes self understanding much better for that problem.

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Software Developer , Java Lover , Front End Enthusiast :)

Lets' see

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Hashnode 101

Welcome to Hashnode! Here are a few ways to get real value out of Hashnode.

  • It's the community that makes Hashnode great. The best way to learn new things and advance in your career is to surround yourself with smart people. Hashnode is all about giving and receiving help and discovering interesting stuff. Follow developers who write useful answers and contribute good content. They will unlock the best of Hashnode for you.

  • One of the core principles of Hashnode is to let developers talk and express themselves. It's important to help others in the community by sharing your knowledge. By writing answers you not only help others, but also reinforce the concepts you already know and get better in the process. So, writing answers definitely creates value for you and others in the community. Also good answers always receive appreciations and show up in users' feeds (which means additional visibility for you).

title here

  • Follow more nodes (topics) and interesting developers so that your feed gets richer.

  • Ask Questions. It doesn't matter if the question is too basic or sounds dumb. Hashnoders are very friendly and welcoming towards each other. For instance, even simple questions like What is Babel? and What is Docker? are always appreciated.

  • Share useful links, GitHub repos, CodePen experiments, YouTube videos etc and also discover what the community is sharing.

  • Write stories and maintain a blog on Hashnode. Your Hashnode account comes with a blog which is available at hashnode.com<username>/stories.

title here

Share your experience with other developers in the community through Stories. Good stories always get more visibility and helps you establish yourself as an expert in the community.

title here

  • Appreciate others for writing useful answers and be appreciated. Appreciations accumulate over the time and appear on your profile.

title here

  • Follow influencers and participate in community AMAs. AMAs are live Q&A sessions with influencers which is a great way to get in touch with them and have their insights.

title here

  • Make use of Collections to organize important links, bookmark items and collect things.

title here

And there is so much more. Once you start interacting with the community you will see the real benefit. I'll probably extend this answer by adding some more points later tonight.

Have Fun. :)

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Behrad Khodayar till hashnode become bigger. Like SO :)

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Future Ruby on Rails Developer

This is the Natural Habitat for Developers!

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I can say I share the same feelings and thoughts as @fibric. One year ago, I joined the website, still named devmag.io, with the intention - to gain an inspiration for a project I was developing using Material Design (devmag.io was using Material Design).

What made me stay? The community! I had never found a place, where people were so friendly, open-minded and helpful at the same time. The positivism, eagerness for new knowledge and ability to meet and chat with one of the best developers from around the world... it felt like I was in heaven. I've met so much wonderful and inspirational developers - @fibric, @JanVladimirMostert, @Innocent ,the whole Hashnode team - @sandeep, @fazlerocks, @mayank, @alkshendra, @prank7 and I'm still missing a lot of awesome people.

How to get the most value out of Hashnode? - Be part of the community! Ask questions, answer questions, write stories, share links. My first two months here were basically sharing links I had found across Internet, then I started answering questions and sharing knowledge. The whole process made me not only a better developer, but a better person.

Being part of Hashnode was the best decision I had ever made! Heck, I even got a job offer from a company that I will be working for, thanks to my Hashnode activity and contribution (I will probably write a story about it in the near future). This is the real power of Hashnode. It can literally change you and open you new doors and opportunities you haven't even imagine.

So, contribute a little everyday, one step at a time. You will see the better you in no time. Oh, and be prepared - it's really, really addictive!

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JavaScript and Gaming for life

The begining of your text paints a really nice environment. Thanks for sharing!

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Co-founder & CTO, Babymigo.com

Just joined. Thanks for sharing this.

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Thanks for the invite to participate, we already have fantastic answers by @michaelgilley @sandeep & @whotheheck , so I only can add how I personally get value out of Hashnode.


It all started end of last year. A tweet about devmag.io caught my attention. I joined this small friendly community, found some easy to answer questions and put my 2 cents as well as shared some URL's. The other devs liked what I had to say and share and so started to invite me to answer more and more questions. Then devmag.io rebranded itself to hashnode.com.


Until today, I receive a lot of feedback, found great people who inspire me to learn new stuff, gained a quadrillion followers and got invited to all sort of questions to share my views, thoughts, opinions or knowledge. What a big motivation for me, btw thanks to all of you! I have the feeling, the more I put here, the more I receive back in reward. I share links to blog posts, products, tutorials, discussions, inspirational websites and all I find useful somehow. The result is, at least that is what I experience now is that many more share fantastic links. Instead of checking my RSS feeds regularly, I visit hashnode a couple of times a day now. To motivate the other guys here I like, appreciate and comment on links, stories, and questions even though I found the content somewhere else before. I do this because I think it's just fair. I got recognized here so I could help others getting recognized too.


I hope hashnode.com is here to stay for awhile, and I hope we all care about keeping the language nice and sound as it is today. I try to write some Stories and hopefully I'll have a question to become an awesome Hashnoder finally - inside joke with @sandeep ;-)

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Co-Founder, Hashnode

@michaelgilley Sure. I tried to explain the motivation behind Hashnode and other details here.

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Frontend Engineer at Zapier

Thanks @sandeep ! That was helpful

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It's quite simple. To cite the Musketeers:

One for all, all for one!


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The best way to put value in Hashnode is putting your knowledge and your doubts in the timeline. I'm here for a while and all i see is good people and developers helping each others, and this is very interesting thing, because the shared knowledge is more valualble :)

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I love building everything myself from the ground up. I continue to work at getting better at web development and learning best ways to build apps while working with larger development groups.

MERN.JS has my attention.

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learning is never end process, it enhances by sharing what you know and getting right feed backs, and by knowing by questioning??? what you what to know.

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Hashnode is a really good platform communicate each & every person who working same profession I think it is a right way to discuss every knowledge about the programming & also share each person idea that's is my opinion.

Thanks, #Hashnode Team :) build this type of community :) ​

Louis's photo

I wanted to be a part of the best community where i could get help and also be inspired as a software developer and then i typed it on the google search box and boom every result i got there was hashnode and so far, with the little time i have been here i can see my goals being achieved.

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I want to become a strong developer in nodejs. I have a basic knowledge about node. Anything which gives knowledge about node and other framework is the value that i can get from hashnode.

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I dont know. I am a noob here. :)

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Growing up with home computers in the 80s pointers are second nature to me. But OOP! Man... Figuring out what parts to break down into objects and how to relate them still makes my head spin. Thankfully compositional programming and FP have emerged on a wide scale lately. Much more intuitive to me.

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Put value here

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Having a community which brings value and their experiences into, for example, polls which target specific solutions to individual problems or questions

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I have 2 questions. 1. You say this is not production ready but when I look at the Tronix contract it seems to be less in depth than this tutorial. What would an example of a production ready contract look like? Or what would it need to have? Are we simply talking about Unit Testing here? 2. In the Tronix contract one of the few differences was they set address owner = 0x0;. Do you have any idea what that means? 0x0? Please see my question on Stack Exchange - ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/37030/..

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Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Hey Nicholas Diaz, I think you might have typed your question on the wrong post :)

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I think it need to repeat all tasks

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Comment for Hashnode family

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Learn HTML and SQL

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