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What is the biggest problem you have in learning React?

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·Jan 7, 2020

Don't know what React concepts to learn


Don't know the path to get a React job


Learning React hooks


What to do after I've learned the basics


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For those of you at all interested in learning React in 2020:

What is the biggest obstacle that you are facing in terms of truly feeling confident with the library?

I would love to hear your comments, outside of the default answers I have listed in the poll.

I'm at the start of a new blog post series here on Hashnode, Learn React in 2020, and it would be great to address some of your issues within the series, since I'm working on it right now.

You'll be able to see my complete answers to your issues within the series, so be sure to follow me if that interests you.

If you want to get started on the series now, check out the first post right here!

Best, Reed