What is the difference between Web Hosting and ECS?

I need a website to link to my mobile app. The app is simple and has a small amount of data. Tomcat, MySQL, and Java are used. Should I select ECS or web hosting? I need guidance from professionals.

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Our regular web hosting is where you host a website on a shared or dedicated server. This server could be on cloud, vps or some PC. ECS is a container service. Containers are also setup on cloud or vps infrastructure, but they are scalable. This means it grows with the website or app. If your database requirements go up, the container can be scaled up to contain the database. If you are looking to host your website on a PHP MySQL hosting provider, then I would recommend using Cloudways platform.

This platform provides pre-configured managed servers on top of infrastructures, like AWS and others. You can launch the server from their platform and the platform will setup OS and stack itself.