What is your choice of music genre while coding/scripting?









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I'll go ahead and perhaps ask the most subjective question asked on Hashnode. Not programming related so bear with me. What is your choice of music genre while scripting? (4 choices here so choose your 'so-so' if you can't find yours)

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Mev-Rael's photo

I listen to very heavy

spiritual music and deep meditation stuff which steals my soul and locks it in another universe and dimension putting my mind into enlightenment OD unlocking my super power of a rockstar and making me feel good without a weed and making me see a light at the end with handsome blue guy with many arms sending me Unicorn is undefined, opening gates of the infinite wisdom, heavily slapping my face with every arm and saying

"Wake up butthole and get back to work"

but mostly I prefer silentium.

Ben Buchanan (200ok)'s photo

Bit of everything. But usually it's psytrance for deep dive coding, metal for bugfixing ;)

AJ Castro-Chandri's photo

Any suggested artists/albums/songs from psytrance? Never heard of it!

Rob's photo

I have always found that listening to Psytrance boosts positivity and productivity!

Tommy Hodgins's photo

I listen to a lot of R&B, Soul, Funk, Rap, and Dance music :D

To hear the sound of Toronto right now (where I'm living), check out DVSN or Roy Woods — both are artists signed to Drake's music label, OVO Sound :D

It's hard to have a bad day while listening to good music!


Victor Abbah Nkoms's photo

I use to think its weird to listen to Rap while coding. Apparently, i am not alone!

Halloween Day's photo

I prefer DubStep

Victor Abbah Nkoms's photo

Hip Hop. Too bad it is'nt among the options.

Aakash Mallik's photo

Sound track from Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs 1, Chill step collections, Collection from Mr. Suicide Sheep and anything that doesn't get in the middle of my train of thoughts.

Anuj Sharma's photo

Silence is best music.

Whenever i want to listen music. that is the my choice.


Christian Wattengård's photo

That's the weirdest combination of genres to have in a four choice poll :P ;)

I myself prefer to listen to dance, trance, reggaeton, moombahton, hardstyle, UK hardcore... Everything dancable...

I often start my weeks with the latest edition of the A State Of Trance radio show (Spotify). Then there's probably a new edition of Kutskis Keeping The Rave Alive podcast (Link). After that it's mostly Spotify, although I also subscribe to

Ibrahim Tanyalcin's photo


Well, I'll take that as a complement :) Here is an ale, for weirdness!

Rob's photo

I flip between Metal, IDM, Uplifting Trance and Psytrance. Office radio is repetitive and annoying.

Sepehr Vakili's photo

I primarily listen to instrumental EDM music – more on the mellow/soothing side as well as yoga/meditation music. When I need a boost of energy I'll listen to more upbeat EDM.

I have several playlists on Spotify that I maintain quite regularly.

Here's my favorite electronica playlist. Let me know how you like it!

Gergely Polonkai's photo

I selected metal, but itʼs only partially true. I listen to anything fast paced.

If you add me on Spotify, you will quickly notice Iʼm almost always listening to something. Itʼs not always the case, but usually you can make a good guess on what Iʼm doing by looking at my currently playing song (unless itʼs from Discover Weekly).

When in the flow, I listen to power metal, or some fast chiptune. When planning, I like psychedelic, or sometimes chill out. When travelling, I usually listen to something more lightweight; I donʼt even refrain from pop songs. It all depends on my mood.

I constantly listen to music for about 20 years now. Itʼs not something I do “sometimes”. My friends know that whenever we meet, there will be a pair of earphones/headphones with me. It wasnʼt rare that I slept with my radio or CD player on. Music helped me through the uneasy years of teenagership (is that a word?) and adolescence. It still helps me a lot when I have to organise my thoughts, be it professional or some private stuff.

“Thank you for the music, the songs Iʼm singing.” — ABBA

Brian Jackson's photo

Mainly electronic music. Great for writing, coding, and great for thinking :)

Emmanuel's photo

Wow, I'm surprised how many people chose metal. Metal heads unite!

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Ibrahim Tanyalcin's photo


Try fragile dreams, emotional winter, judgement, angelica, lost control...they are all good IMO.

Emmanuel's photo

Will do. Always looking for new music for my playlist

Marcus's photo

I was surprised to not see any electronic genres on the poll. But here is some artists. I use for learning/debugging/fast coding

Tron Legacy soundtrack/Deadmou5/daft punk/glitch mob/Cazzette/Efence/Tycho/KidKavevil/Ginger Runner/cocainejesus/DROELOE/Klaypex/Mitis/Sub Focus/Rameses B/Secede

I have a pretty extensive Spotify public playlist profile if you find me share music I work with headphones in all day.

Ibrahim Tanyalcin's photo


4 choices I had :) Ty for the feedback. Here is an ale.

Josh Montgomery's photo

Being a huge fan of Dave Matthews, I tend to go with jam band type of music, as it gets me into the zone w/out distraction. Throw in some classic rock, funk/soul, or rock in general, and you have a happy coder (in me)!

Donato Aguirre's photo

I found that the best options in my case are techno music or classic music, the lack of lyrics helps me to concentrate in the code. Particularly I love 'Techno Bunker' and 'Peaceful Piano' playlists from Spotify.

Sébastien Portebois's photo

The most important part is: "instrumental", I listen to music to get in the zone because the sound of a distant talk really catches my attention. Hence the same goes with music ;-) Most of the time jazz or neo-classical, but when the open office becomes noisy then it's metal (djent, black, ... )

Over time, I set up a playlist (as of now, 64h long) to not spend too long choosing something. open.spotify.com/user/sebportebois/playlist..

Play it in random mode, and enjoy ;-)

Ibrahim Tanyalcin's photo


beers rollin..

Steven Ventimiglia's photo

Anything from Pink Floyd to Anne Murray to Grateful Dead to Mozart to Jim Croce to Journey to The Temptations to Radiohead to Ella Fitzgerald...

On and on it goes, where it stops - I don't care because I like it all. lol

evens jeancharles's photo

hey hypper geek can you help with something please

Steven Ventimiglia's photo

Creative Technologist & Sr. Front-End Developer

Let it flow like a mudslide. When I get on I like to ride and glide. I got depth of perception in my text y'all. I get props at my mention cause I vex y'all.

So whatcha whatcha whatcha want?

Rich's photo

Actually I hardly listen to music when coding but I often play guitar when I am not coding. The mind needs a break from the rigors of coding :)

Andrew Colclough's photo

Uh, EDM, Bluegrass, and Epic Power Metal didn't make the cut I guess? ;)

I have very broad and shifting musical tastes, so I don't recommend trying to follow me there. Haha. But yeah - it just depends on mood. I love hip hop also, but the rapid lyrics can often be a bit too distracting for coding. Interestingly, a lot of Classical falls into that problem also. It's just too complicated to kinda half-listen to.

Anthematic EDM (I know, not a word, but like soaring House / Chill-step, etc) is my go to because you hear it...but don't really have to "listen" if you get what I'm trying to say.

Mark's photo

Anything non-vocal or with non-distracting vocals

  1. Classical music
  2. Techno, Trance
  3. Search Youtube for "epic music"

Sometimes music in a language I can't understand.

This is mostly to block out colleagues, if the room is silent, often I don't listen to music.

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