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What is your choice of music genre while coding/scripting?









I'll go ahead and perhaps ask the most subjective question asked on Hashnode. Not programming related so bear with me. What is your choice of music genre while scripting? (4 choices here so choose your 'so-so' if you can't find yours)

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20 answers

I listen to very heavy

spiritual music and deep meditation stuff which steals my soul and locks it in another universe and dimension putting my mind into enlightenment OD unlocking my super power of a rockstar and making me feel good without a weed and making me see a light at the end with handsome blue guy with many arms sending me Unicorn is undefined, opening gates of the infinite wisdom, heavily slapping my face with every arm and saying

"Wake up butthole and get back to work"

but mostly I prefer silentium.

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Bit of everything. But usually it's psytrance for deep dive coding, metal for bugfixing ;)

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I have always found that listening to Psytrance boosts positivity and productivity!

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I listen to a lot of R&B, Soul, Funk, Rap, and Dance music :D

To hear the sound of Toronto right now (where I'm living), check out DVSN or Roy Woods — both are artists signed to Drake's music label, OVO Sound :D

It's hard to have a bad day while listening to good music!


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I prefer DubStep

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Hip Hop. Too bad it is'nt among the options.

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Sound track from Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs 1, Chill step collections, Collection from Mr. Suicide Sheep and anything that doesn't get in the middle of my train of thoughts.

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