What is your favorite Oh-my-zsh theme?

I've been using a custom version of kphoen one, but I'm interested on a change.

What are you guys using?

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I've been jumping between a plethora of themes, but have settled on Spaceship. Nice and simple.

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That's most likely a zsh-plugin and not the theme doing that. Take a look at github.com/zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions

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I like to have my terminal "simple". Amuse does that for me.

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Could not find a theme for myself for a long time. So, I've ended up creating my own: sobole. It is minimalistic and powerful. sobolevn.github.io/sobole-zsh-theme

Features: virtualenv, git, ls, grep, whoami, handsome error codes

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i've been using the half life theme, which doesn't seem to be listed in the official themes anymore, but is still there. It's simple, colorful and pretty neat