What is your go to platform for deploying your side projects?




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What is the platform you consider the easiest to deal with and is also easy on the money for deploying multiple side projects?

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Marco Alka's photo

Usually, for static content, Github Pages is a solid choice. It's free, fast and is loaded with goodies. If you do modern web app development with JamStack, Github Pages is enough most of the time.

For remote procedures, I usually use Zeit / Vercel. They have a free tier and cheap prices, though their product catalog might be lacking at times.

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Emil Moe's photo

Jamstack, funny word and hype for something that is basically what we did in the 90s

Marco Alka's photo

Emil Moe There are a lot of things getting a fresh start these days. VR, ray tracing, etc. I never knew that something like JamStack already existed in the 90, though. Do you have a link or key word?

j's photo

I am oldschool so I got my own infrastructure. not really hard to do and with a bit of configuration it's possible to keep it safe and maintainable. And I can run my own virtual clusters in the background. lxc, kvm, rkt etc to the rescue so to speak.

but .... well you can say one of my side-projects is my infrastructure. If you're not interested in the overhead it provides (which I do understand not everyone really wants to know everything - like I do).

aka: source.gif

I don't know maybe you can also access free shared hosting services ;D ....

Rana Emad's photo

Haha, well, everyone has their own way in doing things and I am glad you shared yours with me 😁

Mark's photo

I'm trying to set up a Kubernetes cluster on some VPS. So I'm managing the hosting software aspect, but not the hardware.

I'll be honest, it's probably not worth the trouble. There's a lot of trouble.

But it's really a lot cheaper than hosted Kubernetes offering, from what I can tell. And it's a good way to learn.

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Ujjwal Kanth's photo

It is actually Mark. There was a comparison done at my org, and if you have a decent enough OPS team, it is much easier/cheaper to host your own.

Mark's photo

Ujjwal Kanth Well there's definitely famous people who would dispute that, as decent OPS teams are really expensive. But I imagine there's a place for it - you'll learn more, and have more control, at least. Hope it's working well!

Oyinkansola Yahaya 's photo

I also prefer netlify for deploying static sites it's free and fast

Rana Emad's photo

Cool! Thank you for your suggestion, Yahaya!

Sandeep Panda's photo

I usually go with DigitalOcean/AWS Lightsail/Cloudflare Workers.

Rana Emad's photo

Nice! Thank you for your response, Sandeep!

Francisco Quintero's photo

I've used several times:

  • GitHub Pages
  • Heroku
  • Vercel
Rana Emad's photo

Thank you, Francisco!

Nishant Mittal's photo

Mostly netlify, Heroku for django.

Rana Emad's photo

Thanks for sharing, Nishant!

Ami Amigo's photo

Easy man...Netlify integration with Github all the way! You can't beat Netlify for static sites...you get custom domain, free ssl, free hosting, etc

Rana Emad's photo

Thanks for sharing!

Ed Lepedus's photo

For the longest time, my default was DigitalOcean's $5 droplets. However, I have many projects that never see the light of day, and I started to resent paying the monthly fee for all those idle droplets. Once DigitalOcean introduced Kubernetes clusters, I containerised all my side projects, and now I run anything I need on the same $30 cluster.

Rana Emad's photo

Cool hack! Thanks for sharing!

Blaine Garrett's photo

I use Google App Engine and Google Cloud Build quite a bit, although I'm starting to look at Now/Vercel.

Okenwa Kenneth's photo

For static project I use netlify.com

Others I use azue or heroku

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Okenwa Kenneth's photo

Muskoida Alex thanks😁, It means a lot to me to know someone funds my content useful.

Rana Emad's photo

Thank you for sharing, Okenwa!

SheyBr's photo

I highly recommend AWS. There will be great courses there for you to learn all you want. Then you will be able to create things on AWS!

Regards Shey AppValley

Rana Emad's photo

Thank you for the recommendation!