What is your opinion on hashnode dev blog's code syntax highlighting?

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Asad Awadia's photo

Definitely room for improvement

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Well it looks:

f = Form.find_by(uuid: '4279a49c-d2fa-47dd-9fda-4e6a74216703')

puts "Count of questions: #{f.form_type.questions.count}"
puts "Count of answers: #{f.answers.count}"

answered_qs = f.answers.pluck(:question_id)
form_qs = f.question_ids

puts "Question IDs: #{form_qs}"
puts "Answered questions ids: #{answered_qs}"

answerable = form_qs - answered_qs

answerable.each do |id|
  q = Question.find(id)
  a = Answer.new(form: f, question: q, content: q.content)
  a.save(validate: false)


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Max Programming

Thanks. Actually I did do the 3 backtics and dart.

Hopefully they sort it out!

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Max Programming

You're right, syntax highlighting for dart isn't working.