What is your opinion on IBM acquiring Red Hat?

IBM is acquiring Red Hat. Read the news here: zdnet.com/article/red-hat-cto-chris-wright-..

What are your thoughts in general? Good or bad?

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I'm not sure yet, but it looks like it's going to be fine.

I was initially a bit worried back when Microsoft acquired GitHub, but they've actually been doing some great things with it.

From that article, it actually seems like Red Hat is actually going to affect IBM more than IBM affecting Red Hat.

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To me it's the same with MS requiring Github.

big companies are no welfare, there is always an underlying intention. Redhat has a lot of knowledge IBM can use. Esp the cloud engineering.

I personally think it's bad, I never seen any great improvement of opensource after corporate grabbed it. It's smart for their funding, but if they don't bring / make profit either they will restructure you with some idiotic excuses. - I call them idiotic excuses mainly because they bought an opensource company ... what did they expect? Millions of dollars on GPL? -

Or they try to wear it down like Oracle tried with MySQL. It also can be just buying influence? Hard to tell.

I am just an old cynic.

Anyhow .... gg I can imagine a lot of great things that can happen with IBM and Redhat, I can also think about enough bad things.

Lets do the rational thing: wait and observe.

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I spoke with few Redhatters in a recent conference. It seems people are happy about it. In IBM's point of view its a way for them to jump into and support OSS, meanwhile redhat is now backed up by strong company. Also IBM being an enterprise company which didn't encourage OSS contribution, now it follows redhat's culture for open source contribution among its employees which is good. For now it seems overall its good for the community.

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What I can think of it would be great. Because they have great source of direct income from IBM and continue produce great product. This is where the most of the open source projects struggle, some of them only relied on funding.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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I think of something like this...

trump wearing red hat