What is your side projects showstopper

Hi Everyone,

We as developers are always hacking around. Trying new things and starting lots of side projects. Certain side projects are meant as an experiment but other site projects are meant to be something real. Maybe it's your next startup idea or a new idea to make some extra money.

But there always comes a moment you stop working on your side project. Maybe it's not interesting anymore or because you're lacking a skill. Maybe you're not good at design. Or you are good at design but not at development. Is it every time the same thing that is a show stopper or is it every time something else?

For me, there are usually 2 show stoppers.:

  1. I am bad at design. So the design does not look good so I won't put it live.
  2. It takes more time to really finish the project then I thought.

I am curious about your show stoppers.

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Usually all the interesting / challenging parts are done and I get bored of it.

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For me it's the time in any project development where I can't figure out how the architecture of the project should be. Last time I was building a web application that needed a server, an API and a client and trying to get all the elements together to create the architecture of the project was so confusing that I ended up leaving the project as a half-done repo in my Github account.

Such a shame. I can totally imagine this.

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Usually one of the following stops me from launching the project:

  • Thinking idealistic about the project, so never passes my own QC!
  • No feautre-freeze! & always adding new modules before release.
  • Staying longer than usual in brainstorming phase.
  • Being busy on commercial projects.
  • Less commitment, coz I have no client looking forward deadline!
  • Nothing challenging from technical POV results in boredom.
  • Emerging a new(not even better!) rival in the market!
  • Never proceeding from a "will-do" priority to a "to-do" one!

But the fact is, tomorrow is built by what you do today, not tomorrow. So, you should make your hands dirty today, forget about Perfection(It doesn't exist) & pursue your goal until making a real working live thing.

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Good question. I'm always of the mind of if im not good at something I'll go learn it, as long as it's not too far from my core disciplines.
Personally I usually get bored. Problem is I don't have the cash to outsource the simple stuff lol.

One thing I'm trying to do is do something with a project everyday, even if it's just turning it on and changing a single line or code or even a single attribute. It helps you get into the routine of doing something everyday to move the project forward. Apparently if you do it for 21 days in a row then it basically becomes a habbit. (I have yet to reach 21 days).

I do that, it's great for your Github profile as well, all green :-)

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For me a lot of times it's because I simply forget what I was doing. I'll work on a project a lot for a week then not touch it for months. When I come back to it I have no idea what I did or where what I planned to do with it and often end up scrapping parts of it. Sometimes I don't work on it for so long that the technologies I used at the time are versions behind so I start all over again and the cycle continues.

I am trying to get out of that cycle by doing at least 1 line of code each day. So far so good. I have completed 1 project over the last month and am working on 2 more. I guess it just helps me keep momentum.

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