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Pre-University College (11th and 12th)

Engineering Theory Subjects

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Hey👋 I'm Gaurav Gupta. In this short blog post, I'd like to know your opinions regarding the type of notes you'd want and would be beneficial to the majority. So, let's jump right in.

What notes should our application consist of?

For our desktop application - Smart Notes, we would like to know your opinion regarding which level of notes we should start. Some of the few options we came up with are:

  1. Pre-University College (11th and 12th class) Subjects: These would consist of notes of Physics, Chemistry, and other theoretical subjects in PUC classes.
  2. Engineering Theory Subjects: These notes will consist of Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, or higher level subjects like Finite Automata and Finite Language, or Discrete Mathematics.
  3. Coding Related Subjects: These notes would cover topics like Basics of C programming, or Python, Java, and others or covering Data Structure and Algorithms.
  4. Non - Engineering Subjects: These would consist of non-engineering field notes like Commerce, or Biology, and others. If you'd like notes of any other subjects do tell us, and we'll try to gather the best possible notes of them after reviewing them from professionals of the respective fields.

Do comment on any subject or topic you'd like us to cover the notes for, be it engineering, PUC, or non-engineering streams.

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