What PC would you buy as a new dev now?

What kind of setup would you prefer if you could do it all over again today.

  • Mac or Windows, Desktop or Laptop?
  • Would you use the same setup for work vs home?
  • How would you handle gaming? Would you have a separate rig for that?
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I'm happy with my current setup, so I'd do the same thing again:

Mac or Windows, Desktop or Laptop?

Ubuntu desktop for me. I like having a lot of screen space, so I'd just save money by not getting a laptop. If I'm away from home, I'll just read some blogs, for which my phone suffices.

Would you use the same setup for work vs home?

Not for me, I only occasionally work from home. Also I use Windows at work.

How would you handle gaming? Would you have a separate rig for that?

I don't do gaming anymore. But if I restart someday, I'll probably do dualboot on the same machine (with the added advantage of making it hard to switch to gaming... don't want to get too addicted).

I would need a better GPU. My current PC is built for coding - the only reason it has a GPU at all is that I couldn't use two 2560x1440 screens without it.

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Definitely, Macbook

Tired of using Ubuntu (full of bugs)

So true!

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If money was no object: max-spec OSX laptop for coding, max-spec Win10 laptop for gaming. More realistically I'd really get a conservatively priced OSX laptop and a just-off-bleeding-edge-spec Win10 desktop for gaming. I like my dev rig to be mobile but gaming can just happen at home.

If I could only buy one machine for everything including gaming, I would have to pick a Win10 machine with WSL for coding. There are a lot of crossovers in terms of specs - both dev and gaming like SSDs, plenty of RAM and CPU. It's just the GPU that needs extra investment for gaming.

The one approach I've not really tried is a linux machine. So if I was just planning to do development and money was tight, I'd consider giving that a go. There are a lot of relatively-cheap laptops that will happily run linux for dev purposes.

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I've recently just changed up my laptop into a duel boot, lucky enough it came with amd chip and radeon card. It's not much but it had sure helped me for development its only temp until I save up for a beasty laptop.

But then again, just then other day I have a bug with my linux and it's made me think twice about develiping just on my laptop.. and maybe investing in a desktop high tower at least for main development just in case if things go crap again!

Even I have windows for gaming, I did try using windows for programming and I've found I just cant go back, I love my linux mint tessa xfe edition as its a lot more stripped down than cinnamon so even faster.

It's also given me some insight on how heavy some desktop programs really are.

I think for development is most important with a good kick ass processor and ram and a hd or ssd, but then If you want gaming you would be looking at almost twice the double and a good duel graphics card.

My situation is that I'll be self employed soon enough but using my main desktop as main development and then a touchscreen laptop for easy bits I think will work out for me 😊

Which games you looking to run?

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Not so much bothered about graphics, but what caught my attention was Chrome on Mint + Windows, as well as the difference of Visual Studio, just running Midori (lightweight browser)

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For me, I would get a Macbook. That way I could use Safari to test web pages and XCode for iOS. Ubuntu is great, but as it cannot have Safari nor XCode, I would use virtualized Ubuntu and Windows on Mac, to have best of all worlds.

For gaming I'll have a console. Its just that much easier than getting a gaming PC and graphics quality is enough for me.

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