What process should I follow if I wanted to be a good JavaScript programmer ?

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what process to follow in order to become a good JS programmer?

Let me rephrase that.

what process to follow in order to become a good programmer?

As it is the same for every language out there.

  • You first have to learn the basics. Do not use some framework, do it yourself. This is very boring. Do it nevertheless! For JS, you might want to take a look at w3schools
  • Then think about a reason why you want (not should, must,...) to learn that language. Think about a nice project. Something you really want to do. Start working on it, no matter how big the project might seem to be. Start simple and improve your program.
  • Work on your project. Have fun. Only if you use the language and have fun using the language you will really become better.
  • Work even more on your project.
  • Maybe you finished your project. Then start something new. Have fun with it!

All this might sound stupid, but where I come from, we have a proverb:

No master fell from the sky, yet

You will only become good at something through practise. And you will only practise a lot and try to find out about all the black magic and how to do things better when you involve your personal feelings.

Oh, and another piece of advice: Do not learn a library or some kind of architecture, because someone told you "you might profit by doing so". You should only learn what you need in order to solve your problems. It does not help you the least knowing a lot of stuff you never use. Also that would only increase the probability of miss-use. Whenever you feel like you stand in front of a mountain and someone else probably already solved it in an elegant fashion and it might just be too boring for you, take enough time to research whatever tools are available on the internet.

That's the way to become good at something and become one of those who can break free from available knowledge in order to create something innovative, something new.

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Husain Ahmmed How is your learning coming along? :D

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Marco Alka Thanks you remember me ! So far good. Between this time I stop learning JavaScript for sometime because my office asking me to do something else but now I start again learning JavaScript. :)

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first learn about basics of javascript, and jquery then learn ES2015

after that you can learn nodejs and angular js

as a nodejs based framework i recommend you to learn Meteor JS.

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Thanks for answer but I want to know how to learn row JavaScript deeply ? I mean JavaScript as a programming language.

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i really recommend this course who start from the basic javascript concept to the advanced ones with understandable analyses and explanation of how javascript compiler work under the hood. Understanding javascript the weird parts

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Thanks for this resource

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If you want to learn the basics of JS, then I recommend JavaScript: The Definitive Guide