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What should I blog about next? Code reviews, testing, quantitive studies?

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Michaela Greiler
·Jun 13, 2019

I am planning my next blog posts for mt Hashnode blog and And, I'd love for you to have a say on what I write next.

Please take 2 minutes and fill in this quick survey: a lot! ❤️

You can also leave your ideas below. Topics can be:

  • more about code reviews, like "the dark side of code reviews" and "code review checklists"
  • more about the software engineering practices of other software companies (like if and how they do code review, automated tests and continuous deployment).
  • behind the scenes information on how you design and execute quantitative and qualitative studies, like the code review study, at Microsoft?
  • more about team productivity and how to measure or improve team productivity.
  • read about code quality, technical debt and static and dynamic analysis.
  • any other topics you'd like me to write about?

Thanks so much!