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What to do if QuickBooks Display Issues Starts bothering you?

What to do if QuickBooks Display Issues Starts bothering you?

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Mark Williams
·Dec 14, 2021·

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What to do if QuickBooks Display Issues Starts bothering you.png QuickBooks is an effective software for dealing with the monetary side of a business. The application is designed in such a manner that users can easily work on it without any hassles. However, sometimes the disfiguration of the QuickBooks Desktop screen, icons, or fonts can land you in trouble while operating it. A user encounters QuickBooks display issues when the Windows or QB display settings are not to the point. Moreover, if you have a system with high-resolution, you might need to change the default settings in QuickBooks. Read our informational article below till the end and learn what causes the error as well as how to troubleshoot the issue.

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What Triggers QuickBooks Desktop Display Issues?

To know what causes the display errors in QuickBooks, go through the points below-

  • The DPI settings of your Windows desktop and/or QuickBooks are not accurate.
  • The problem might also occur due to incorrect ‘View Preferences’ settings in the QuickBooks.

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How to Resolve Display Issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

Are you wondering how to recover the variable font sizes, QuickBooks screen size, and other display issues in your QB Desktop? This section of the blog will help you understand how to deal with such problems. Check out the following steps below-

SOLUTION 1: Edit the Display Settings of your Windows

  • On your Windows ‘Start’ section, go to ‘Settings’.
  • In the following window, select ‘System’, then ‘Display’.
  • You will find different options for various display settings, such as Color Calibration, Display Resolution, Scale, and Layout.
  • If you want to adjust the text sizes or application icon sizes, select the ‘Scale and Layout’ option and - click on the desired option from the drop-down arrow.
  • To edit your screen's resolution, choose the drop-down arrow from the ‘Display Resolution’ option.
  • Similarly, change other display settings accordingly.

SOLUTION 2: Adjust the DPI Settings of QuickBooks

  • If you are using QuickBooks, exit it.
  • On the ‘Start’ menu of your desktop, go to the search box and search ‘QuickBooks’.
  • Once you see the application, right-click on the icon to choose the ‘Open file location’ option.
  • After the folder opens, go to the ‘QuickBooks.exe’ file and right-click on it.
  • Select ‘Properties’; hit the ‘Compatibility’ tab on the ‘Properties’ window.
  • Now, checkmark the ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ checkbox.
  • As an alternate option, you can also go to ‘Change high DPI settings’, then ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior’.
  • At last, hit ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’.

From this article, we conclude that whenever you face QuickBooks display issues , you are required to modify the display settings either in QuickBooks Desktop or in Windows. We hope the troubleshooting methods given above will surely help you get rid of the display problems in QuickBooks. Besides applying these two solutions, you can also try to change the ‘View Preferences’ in QB Desktop. If none of the methods fix the issue, immediately speak to our technical experts team at our Toll-Free 1.800.579.0391.

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