What was the first program you wrote & the programming language in which you wrote?

I just wanna know out of curiosity that which programming language you first used and what was first program all about ???

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AJ Castro-Chandri's photo

Must have been a MS-DOS .bat file... to change directories and run the executables for games.

Ygor Lazaro's photo

I was a younger teenager, dreaming about making money and being rich doing software. Despite some 'hello world' apps, I always wanted to build an OS.

I kind of did it, in BASIC, calling it OSB (Operating System Basic). Now I know it is impossible, a high-level language cannot do this, but it was a dream, and you don't fight back against a 12-years-old dream ;)

I pushed to GitHub some time ago. The code is a mess and a shame, but I am proud of everything I learned on the way.


Sebastian's photo

My first language was Delphi 5. No idea what the first program was, surely some hello world stuff. First real app I wrote was a config tool for unreal tournament that had more options to set (including the undocumented) than in-game was available.

Abinav Seelan's photo

My first program was written in C++ (back in 11th grade). I think the first program I wrote was to add two numbers and print the result to the screen!

Joe Clark's photo

BASIC on a TRS 80

20 GOTO 10
cedric simon's photo

Wow, I remember doing something similar on my Oric-1.

I quickly switched to an Atari 520-ste (with 30mb hard drive!) and did bigger things with GFA-Basic.

Umesh Kumar's photo

i wrote my first program (GUI calculator) in VB in 2006.

Ali's photo

My first experience was on C++ as it was taught in our freshman year . I printed out the hello world on the console . it was awesome and I still remember that excitement . :)

James's photo

My first language was Basic. Taught myself in 7th grade robotics class. I made the robot dance :)

Anayo's photo

I would have mentioned HTML&CSS but since there is a huge gulf as to it nature then I will go with Java. It was the first real language I had working asides JavaScript. The program was just playing around with a Naruto quiz app

Shreyas Jejurkar's photo

The first programming language in which I wrote code was C++. Don't know what was the program was and its not Hello World for sure.

Vikrant Singh Chauhan's photo

I started learning to program unconciously while playing with a DVD full of pirated IDEs and compilers. I made my first buggy non working text editor named Aakaar Text Editor in Borland C++ Builder. But first programming language I learned was JavaScript after learning HTML and CSS.

Francisco Diez's photo

A program in Ruby. Actually a calculator. A very basic and rudimentary calculator but was functional 😂😂

Then I continued with JavaScript and the web world.

Ritwik Sahoo's photo

I wrote my first code in C as part of Computer Programming I. It was to use arrays to make really large numbers - add, subtract, multiply and divide. Oh, the basics!

My 2 paise.

Nicolás Parada's photo

More than a program, it was a script in AviSynth.

AviSynth is a video editor without a GUI and controled by an scripting language.

I don't remember to what I used it for the first time, but I suppose to deinterlace an old anime DVD. I think it was Gantz.

Manny Henri's photo

Basic on an apple 2 in the mid 80s when I was 10 years old... And the application was the typical Hello World...I was also trying to figure out how to do the digital bubble like in the movie "Explorers" (1985) so I can go into space like the characters in the movie.

Ah... That dream was short-lived with the quick realization of the limitations of programming.

Sidhant Panda's photo

First programmed in BASIC. First two programs where hello world and a calculator.

Interestingly, I realize now, it was the first time when I learnt about input validation when I had to show an error message for division by zero!

Todd's photo

Hello world in C++. Shortly after, PHP, and finally Python. OLD Python far before it became "cool."

Abhishek Pathak's photo

There's nothing more satisfying than running your first program. Mine was Hello World in C++.

Satyen Rai's photo

BASIC - 1998 (5th grade) Read a name from standard and input and print “Hello $name”

There was LOGO before that - I wrote a bunch of programs to draw some patterns using turtle graphics, but I don’t count that.

George Nicolaou's photo

Mine was BBC BASIC Hello World

Dante Valenzuela's photo

Payroll using Excel VBA macro, and then Regulatory Compliance Monitoring System using classic asp and then Location of Company Customers, Properties and Employees using Google Earth map. I put marker on their location and display on hover their information. I also display in infoWindow the grid coordinates, elevation, and distance from a reference point the clicked location on the map. User can also draw a line and/or polygon and display its length and area. I draw in it's exact location the company's land assets based on the Technical Description on the land Title (as polygon). Information about the property (location, area, etc.) is displayed on hover.

Ralph Marczynski's photo

First one I remember was a console based HangMan game in C++, circa 1998

Miguel Julio's photo

basic in Commodore 64

Kingsley Victor's photo

I'm not sure HTML qualifies as a programming language cause it's the first language I started with. And I had a wapka site for downloading games. Then I switched to Java quite later say around 2017 and I'm currently learning it's advanced aspects. Like I said in my profile , I hope to be one of the top dogs in the field of computer science... But I have to work hard of course...

Ali Tahir's photo

It was Hello World in C++. Quite customary

John Escobedo's photo

BASIC on my Atari 800. After 10 PRINT "STUFF"; 20 GOTO 10 I made a nice program that animated a birthday message.

oyedotun sodiq's photo

web, html

Gerardo BLANCO's photo

helloWorld.c at my programming 101 class. Thats the day i fell in love

Prasanna's photo

My first program was a Fibonacci series during my high school. I wrote it using C++.

Melwin D'Almeida's photo

The first program I wrote was an application which ejected and closed the DVD tray infinitely. I tried this prank on my brother. By the way I wrote it in Visual Basic in Visual Studio

Kyle Lim's photo

Mine was FORTRAN doing some basic computations during a high school internship.

mohammed abdelawel's photo

i started with python ... my first program is "Hello World"

Ludovic Lagouardette's photo

A software for modeling and predicting landslides in BlitzBasic, back in High school.

My grade was not so bad, 14/20, because it was not beautiful enough graphically

Mark's photo

My first language was ELAN and it controlled an ascii robot.

SYED HASAN's photo

My first program was a game booking system using C.

Tiago Celestino's photo

My first code was written in Javascript. It was a search services based on .txt file. This was amazing because I was learning about JS and at that time (11 years ago) there weren't resources to learned easily and the main source to information was forums and discussion lists. Good times!!

[redacted]'s photo
James Turnbull's photo

Basic. First program was a simple GOTO loop.

Dave Stewart's photo

Probably Macromedia Flash 4 "actions"!


And it was something basic like making a ball bounce, or moving a square in relation to the mouse. I got it all wrong however, and a friend who coded in Macromedia Director showed me the way.

What a lightbulb moment wiring mouse position to symbol position!

Venus Vavadiya's photo

I wrote it in C. It was a simple "Hello World!".

Wyatt's photo

Fortran 77 followed by IBM 360 assembler

Edouard Duplessis's photo

It was a interactive presentation about the movie Akira made in Lingo... In 1993 if remember correctly.

Christiaan Hemerik's photo

I remember a class mate introduced me to GW Basic at the time. My family had a subscription for a monthly magazine called 'Kijk', of which on the last page there always was a Basic listing I typed over and ran. After that, I made subtle changes to see what happened. When I discovered our copy of Windows 3.11 included QBasic (no more mandatory line numbers - yay!), I soon wrote my own programs of which the first was a text adventure game that took place in our school.

I remember both my fellow students and teachers loved it (despite the latter mostly being antagonists in the game). Those days were awesome now I think of it... :)

Md Zaid Imam's photo

"Hello world" | borland-C in college

Angelin's photo

My first program was in BASIC, it was reversing the letters in a word.

enoonan's photo

You would pick your zodiac sign and it would give you your horoscope from Weird Al's "That's Your Horoscope For Today"

Compatible only with the graphing calculator OS

Chris Armstrong's photo

QBasic - I remember working out how to comment out code in the Snake example game to turn off the borders (even though I didn't understand the array manipulation that was going on at the time).

Gergely Polonkai's photo
PRINT "Hello Gergely"

On the blue screen of the C64 it was one of the most beautiful things Iʼve ever seen.

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