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What was the first program you wrote & the programming language in which you wrote?

I just wanna know out of curiosity that which programming language you first used and what was first program all about ???

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58 answers

Must have been a MS-DOS .bat file... to change directories and run the executables for games.

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I was a younger teenager, dreaming about making money and being rich doing software. Despite some 'hello world' apps, I always wanted to build an OS.

I kind of did it, in BASIC, calling it OSB (Operating System Basic). Now I know it is impossible, a high-level language cannot do this, but it was a dream, and you don't fight back against a 12-years-old dream ;)

I pushed to GitHub some time ago. The code is a mess and a shame, but I am proud of everything I learned on the way.

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My first language was Delphi 5. No idea what the first program was, surely some hello world stuff. First real app I wrote was a config tool for unreal tournament that had more options to set (including the undocumented) than in-game was available.

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My first program was written in C++ (back in 11th grade). I think the first program I wrote was to add two numbers and print the result to the screen!

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BASIC on a TRS 80

20 GOTO 10

Wow, I remember doing something similar on my Oric-1.

I quickly switched to an Atari 520-ste (with 30mb hard drive!) and did bigger things with GFA-Basic.

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