I am really interested in knowing the first operating system that you have used. Let's remember the good old times! 🤓

For me, it was Windows 95 in my school's computer lab in year 2000, probably. I was so excited about "My computer". I was damn curious about this folder.

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My first OS has to be Windows 98. It was a self assembled computer and it costed my parents about 45,000 INR. They made around 20K INR combined at that point of time, but my father was crazy about the personal computer and he was saving for a long long time to get one.

While my father dabbled with some C++ on it, the only thing I did was play Roadrash and Dave and browse the internet from time to time. Can't believe 19 years has passed already since the release of one of the world's best Operating Systems. Of course, my father tried dual booting the computer by installing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional for reasons best known to himself.

A few years passed and then came XP. :D Just when you had thought 98 couldn't be bettered, MS amazed the world with XP. It's been a long time since I used a Windows computer, but I think I am indebted to Bill Gates and Microsoft for placing a computer in every kid's room in the 90s.

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Mine was Windows 3.1 back in elementary. I clearly remember it because it had a Spawn wallpaper (back when Spawn was still cool as hell :P). Agreed on the previous commenter on the evolution through Win95, 98, 2K, and XP. 8.0 really messed the bed after the beauty that was Windows 7 and even XP.

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Does a C64 count? If so, that was my first. However, I’m not that old; 286 machines were already available at the time, we just couldn’t afford it.

Fast forward few years, and we bought our first IBM XT; it had a nifty 8088 processor in it. It had MS DOS 5.0 on it, and I loved it so much.

However, by the time I actually started to learn programming, our home computer was a 286 (this was around the 486 era). It had MS DOS 6.22 (I still have the installer disquettes (yes, floppies); I wonder if they still work). I used DOS Shell on it, and Norton Commander (sometimes Volkov, it was much smaller), and a bit later, Microsoft Windows 3.1 (for which I still have the floppies). Oh, and I will never forget my mom’s face when I first tried what the FDISK program can do…

It’s funny to write about all these OSes on my notebook, which has more CPU power and RAM inside that all my childhood computers altogether (including my first AMD Duron machine that I bought, with 512MB of RAM) in a box smaller than my first programming book.

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Technically, the first computer I used was an Apple 2 GE back in 3rd or 4th grade. But our first computer came with MS DOS 5 and Windows 3.1.

We had a Radio Shack TRS 80 way back in the day - that was my first experience with programming, but I didn't know I was programming (just reproducing what was in some book) and I don't think dad thought it would lead to an entire career for me. Had to save programs to a cassette tape and it hooked up to a TV, haha.

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That damn file explorer in Windows 3.1 and most games send you straight to DOS

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Dating myself here.... As a teen I learned to program on an Atari 800XL

Was loads of fun. Got my first paying programming job on that machine. Wrote a starfield simulation for the end of show credits for a cable TV show. :-) Went on to get a degree and now have over 30 years experience in everything from C++ to Ruby on Rails. :-)

I was probably younger than you, but I had a hand me down Atari 400 with the membrane keyboard. That's the first real computer that I can remember doing any kind of programming on.

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Not sure if the TRS-80 had so much of an operating system as it was just sort of a stateless BASIC interpreter. Hours upon hours of painstaking copying code from a physical magazine GONE when powered down. It was plugged into a really bad colour tv. Eventually I got a cassette tape backup! 💾

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