What's on your 2019 programming checklist?

We all want to learn new things and master different skills. However, it's not possible to learn everything from that checklist. A few things always get left out - no matter how much you try.

So, what are a few things you are looking forward to learn in 2019?

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My Checklist 2019

Serious goals

  • Keep having fun with programming
  • Take time to write the game-dev articles (they are fully planned out until part 6 content-wise, I just need to code and write them 😆)
  • Create my homepage from scratch and document the whole journey in an article for you
  • Rust + WASM!!! (well... the articles will cover it anyway 😀)
  • Release a demo of my game (which is pretty hard, due to Amethyst being a quickly moving target and me not having as much time as I wish I had)
  • Check out ReasonML
  • Get Rust code onto my Arduinos (AttoDuino and Uno). They are still not supported without severe hacking, and I'd welcome a simple kernel like Tock as basis for applications (might write one myself...)
  • Add more features to my private Discord bot platform, which I use for a fun bot and RPG server NPCs (maybe add a bit of AI for better dialogs instead of scripting everything, which is a pain)
  • Learn more JS and TS
  • Learn more Rust
  • Keep having fun with programming

Not-so-serious goals

  • Write a LSP server for LOLCODE in Rust
  • I love reversing Hashnode, so an unofficial API for the browser and NodeJS
  • And on top of it a power-user tool, seamlessly integrated using TamperMonkey/GreaseMonkey

Non-programming goals

  • I want to visit Japan again, and my friends are planning a trip with me as their guide, so there's that...
  • Get a new computer. Seriously, my Ivy-Bridge is literally not even working without overclocking it anymore. Looking forward to Ryzen 3 and Navi in 2019
  • Finish decorating my flat. I moved in in February, but it still doesn't quite feel like Home...
  • Check out more stores and restaurants in my new area
  • Finish my piloting license
  • Get good grades in my studies
  • Get better at dancing (still look like an ape who needs to go to the toilet)
  • Learn Krita for photo editing and content creation
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That's a fantastic list. :) I am looking forward to reading your upcoming Game Dev articles.

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  • Stop doing a Github commit every day like this year
  • Learn more Rust, maybe start Haskell
  • Earn more money with programming
  • Maybe make progress on my own programming language. Maybe.
  • Visit Hashnode a lot :-D
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Awesome! And what can we do to help you achieve #5? :D

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My checklist is really general right now, as in:

  • Complete one open-source personal project by end of January.
  • Complete two open-source contributions to a third-party project.
  • Share, succinctly. the process by which I overcome current hurdles

tl;dr ~ Basically, my goal is to figure out true productivity without a team-oriented structure and requirement specifications like I (am supposed to have) at my day job. Need discipline.

My dilemma right now is this: I have not successfully pushed so much as an initial commit to any project of my own since I was a young teenager (am 24 now), I have several awesome-to-me projects that I know I'm capable of seeing through to fruition, and that one project I have on GitHub is embarrassing at best. It's literally a key-logger for Chrome.

Meanwhile, I've historically been very productive at my day job at a cubicle-bound software developer. My girlfriend calls this job "work work." I don't like talking about it that way, my "real job." While it is paying the bills, it satisfies very few of my own aspirations in tech.

I've rejected interviews for "cooler" jobs closer to home, working with much cooler tech and a team closer in age, just because I don't have first-hand experience in things they said they'd train me on (React, Redux, TS for one).

So my goal is to get one project out of the way someday between now and the end of Jan. I know I can do it, and once I do, I will have shown myself with tangible results that I am able to discipline myself enough to get something done. And I should be able to since I think they're cool!

But I go down the choice overload rabbit hole and typically don't survive more than a couple days of a project before putting myself down.

I know I'll figure it out... ✌

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umm....lets see

  • First there will be my placement drive from mid of this year....so surely wil increase competitive programming skills in hackerank & some technical refreshment

  • Have to learn advance blockchain and dapps architecture & if time permits then may be a small dummy coins (erc 20 or advance token)

  • Special Project - new way of storing files. Mainly new file system . Will just start with demo with a small python scripts and then will try to scale if LAN network
  • Want to add ML powered feed in one of my friend's project - will use tensorflow.js So I have to learn this and somewhat of neural net , models etc. Would Love to get advice with how to start
  • Learning React - Native ,so will create a similar project like Uber like app

Thats it for now I would really appreciate if someone would like to add or advice me anything regarding these project or like how to begin.or starting articles

BTW loving this new hashnode - UI

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We're actually running a webinar on Thursday 20 Dec on Blockchain Decentralised Apps with our newest speaker Tahir Mahmood who is a well renowned Software Architect - he'll be explaining what enterprise DApps are, as well as popular platforms on which to build them - thought it might be of interest to you.

Register here: bit.ly/2Ec4C1P

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Great to hear that . Thanks a lot.

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I honestly love learning something new; and yes, that might come as a cliché response, but as a self-taught developer, I have spent more money on courses than I have on my clothes. (Trust me, if you ever have the bad fortune of meeting me, you'll get to know.)

With that said, here is my programming checklist for this year:

  • give my AWS Solutions Architect exam and pass;
  • finish my side projects (I have four or five of them lined up, if anyone wants to join in, welcome)
  • finish my RoR project (I am learning Ruby!)
  • finish my research paper (partial validation for a n-topology network with independent parallel nodes)
  • A while back, I designed what I thought was a beautiful butterfly and my heartless girlfriend told me that it looked like a horse. So, I have to learn some 3D designing.
  • finish CRLS (I have read it once, but you need at least five readings for everything to get into your head)

Apart from programming, I also have these goals for 2019:

  • join a gym and be a regular there instead of my script sending some weird excuse every morning;
  • donate blood at least four times;
  • host at least 2 workshops on programming;
  • visit China and Japan (anyone from those countries here?)
  • finish my PPL (AFSP is about to expire!!)

So, that is what I have on my plate as of now.

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If you are planning to visit Japan, you can probably take Marco Alka as your guide (he has been there and wants to go again) :D


2K19 Goals

2k19 is very important year for me as it's the last year of my college life and starting journey of my carrier(work life) 😊

Programming(Tech) Checklist

  1. Learn dotnet core(c#). Its quite fast 😄.
  2. Do lot of competitive programming.
  3. Learn GraphQL 🚀 and use it in my Projects.
  4. Attend more tech conferences😃.
  5. Explore WASM 🚀 and build some web-apps using it.
  6. Write lot of clean and fast Javascript.
  7. Get a Codechef CCDSAP certificate.
  8. Explore lot of new tech.
  9. Keep loving Data Structures,

Other Goals

  1. Be consistent at swimming🏊.
  2. Learn to play Chess.
  3. Explore India 🇮🇳.
  4. Get some react+node+graphql stickers.
  5. Eat some good food.

I am very excited for new features to be added in Javascript. and new tech to be released in 2019 ❤️. Also I wish that NodeJS becomes more faster🚀.


Hey it's just 1 hour left before I am going to crash into 2020.

I want to get back to this list and talk about things I achieved in 2k19

1- Got my first Job(I am so happy about it. Loving to work on React ❤️)

2- Scored AIR 2 in Google Hashcode it was 2-3 sleepless nights me and team just did was coding learned a lot about why time complexity is so important

3- Improved on Competitive Programming and now I solve Leetcode a lot and also I got green label in Codechef and Pupil tag in Codeforces. CP is like a journey the more you do the more you learn.

4- Got a lot lot lot lot better in JavaScript the main person behind this is CJ. He has a YouTube channel goes by name Coding Garden with CJ. You must check it out.

5- I learned graphql(mutation, types, subscriptions etc) also used it to built the API for my colleges Esummit website.

6- I got a lot better in React just because I write it now in daily basis at my job. Now I don't even think of building website in plain html css for my personal toy project.

7- Loving Redux yes its a lot of boilerplate but I fell for it.

Things I didn't do:

1- No c# but I built Rest APIs with Spring boot and Spring + struts with some hibernate too.

2- Didn't gave CCDSAP certification exam.

3- Didn't explore WASM (didn't feel too much useful)

4- Also didn't learn Chess.(no promises but I will try)

It was a very important year for me did great things and learned a lot this year.

Let's begin 2020 and keep learning and growing exponentially. 💯🥰💯


One more thing this year it was my first Hacktoberfest and I made it successfully got stickers also 🤪😛

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  • move from being the single full-stack dev to working as a team
  • develop Laravel skills
  • develop Vue skills
  • start with TDD and Unit Testing
  • keep upping my knowledge of security
  • get my head around practical AI and ML
  • help others
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As I am getting graduated this month, I will take a lot of advantage to return all my hobbies and plans I froze for 4 years because of my university. Here are the plans:

Plans on holidays


  • Redesigning my Linux icons theme Suru++20, Suru++ Ubuntu, Suru++ Asprómauros, Suru++ Arrogin and Suru++ Telinkrin.
  • Redesigning my icons theme Flastemite for macOS and for Linux.
  • Redesigning my font Atlética UNISAL, and contributing with several fonts which lack the Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek and Maths glyphs – BPG fonts, Montserrat, Nunito, etc.
  • Creating new icons themes, new Linux themes and new fonts.


  • Joining to the teams at GitHub and contributing with several projects.
  • I will rewrite the old project transferred by a guy with terminal illness to me, to make it compatible with Textpattern.
  • Writing my autobiography as a the only HTML file.
  • Returning and continuing to develop Star Wars conversion websites in PHP.
  • Inventing my new idea.
  • Creating new Android apps.
  • Studying security and ethical hacking to defend Atlética UNISAL website and to remove all breakthroughs.


  • Returning to gym, judo and swimming that I have frozen sports for 4 years.
  • Returning to diet and restoring the health that the university ruined.
  • Returning to learn more than 10 foreign languages that I have frozen for 4 years.
  • Returning to play Second Life that I have stooped for 4 years.
  • I can return to eat Japanese food now.
  • I will buy a PC (AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM memory and Vega 65 or NVIDIA Geforce Raedon Ti 1070) to mount two SSDs, one for Linux and another for Hackintosh.
  • I will buy the licences of three last macOS apps – Acorn, Affinity Designer and Sublime Text.
  • I will buy a lot of fonts.
  • I will watch a lot of films that I missed for 4 years.
  • I will save a lot of money to travel to Argentina, Chile, Canada, Japan and Uruguay.
  • I will try to get classified for master's degree in Aerospace Engineering.
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  1. Build my own blockchain. I enjoy the technology and I want to demonstrate to myself that I know how it works. I will take an existing codebase, tweak it to be my own, and then build a business around it. This process will have me learn all about the blockchain, and how it works, so I become a subject matter expert.

  2. Become a co-coding force with my girlfriend. She is also a coder, but started 3 years prior to when I began. Co-coding in VSCode is a lot of fun, I want to be able to code with her and be highly proficient.

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Oh, this is simple.


Switching languages is always annoying but I looking forward to becoming more efficient at it.


Yeah, JavaScript is like a grandmother that keeps on giving you candy and ever stop. She just wants to see you happy and fat.

Maybe just maybe, some mobile development

Yeah, This seems daunting because there is so much to learn and it seems scary. But React Native looks cool (From the far).

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You know that we are at ES9 by now, right? 😁 Always train on the latest and greatest! You can fall back any time, if you really need to

Asimthande's photo

I really did not know that. But anyway I think I lack the fundamentals that’s why I’m learning es6.

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There's not much of a checklist

  • learn docker and aws
  • learn python
  • learn react native and swift
  • try rust or ruby
  • prepare for AI and ML
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  • Python - advance level
  • Tensorflow
  • Big Data
  • Cryptocurrency or blockchain if i don't die
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Hi Everyone!

As a newbie to programming, i am just going to learn more JS in the year 2019. Probably when i think i am fluent enough in JS, i can start learning TS as well. I intend to get myself grounded in the basics of JS and TS, then i can move on to frameworks like React and Angular respectively and finally settle for any of the 2 that works best for me in most use cases.

By Mid 2019, i hope to get a nice job offer to further harness and hone the skills i develop while learning.

PS: I am a self taught programmer though i have a computer science degree but we were mostly taught theories with no practicals at all.

One more thing, i really hope to get a good and very fast laptop to aid my learning and development process as i do most of my activities on Mobile phone.

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As a Web Developer I want to focus more on the Front End in 2019. I find myself in a position where I was hired as a Front End Dev but over time eventually found myself doing more Back End work as it was asked of me. As a result I have gotten out of touch with the Front End and there's a lot of things I want to visit and explore. So yeah. Front End stuff. CSS Grid, Accessibility, UX/UI, etc.