What have you planned for 2017? What are the things that you are going to learn, implement and improve, development wise?

Share your rough roadmap. :)

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  • write my checklist for 2018 ;)

Cheers !

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I appreciate but it's a cliche (at least for me)

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  • 📝 Write more articles (1/week would be nice)
  • 📽 Record videos about web design (1-2/month)

  • Maintain a personal website.
  • Go for mountain biking.
  • Dig into ML, Data Science.

I am a high school student trying to learn MERN Stack development, so I need to improve my Vanilla JS and React JS development skills, and learn React Native, Redux, Node, and Express.

I also hope to learn Data Science and Machine Learning with Python, so I want to learn some of that too. My overall end goal is to create a React Native application that will use data analytics.

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  • Machine learning

    • Tensorflow
  • Build and launch my product!

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