What's on your checklist for 2017?


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  • write my checklist for 2018 ;)

Cheers !

I appreciate but it's a cliche (at least for me)

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  • 📃 Learn JavaScript better
  • 🕹 Participate in JS1k
  • 📠 Build my first compiler (other language to JavaScript)
  • 🎨 Create 365+ pens for Codepen (1/day on average)
  • 📝 Write more articles (1/week would be nice)
  • 📽 Record videos about web design (1-2/month)
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I am a high school student trying to learn MERN Stack development, so I need to improve my Vanilla JS and React JS development skills, and learn React Native, Redux, Node, and Express.

I also hope to learn Data Science and Machine Learning with Python, so I want to learn some of that too. My overall end goal is to create a React Native application that will use data analytics.

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  • Maintain a personal website.
  • Go for mountain biking.
  • Dig into ML, Data Science.
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  • Machine learning

    • Tensorflow
  • Build and launch my product!

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Things to improve:

  • JavaScript (definitely improve)
  • Learn to write CSS (I am so so bad)
  • Write better NodeJS apps (architecture, efficient coding, negative coding, etc)

Things to learn:

  • Go


  • Submit 2 apps in the Appstore and play store. Amen. :)
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  • Get more into testing
  • Work more on my current fun projects
  • Learn Rust
  • More Typescript
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Keep learning webpack and React ecosystem... 😄

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  1. Finish re-designing/re-developing my dad's fishing web-site
  2. Learn d3.js
  3. Earn my Data Visualization cert from Free Code Camp
  4. Get on to learning Node.js better
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  • become a Symfony guru
  • learn more about unix tools
  • learn some new language like Go and build something cool with it
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  • Keep Learning and Improving
  • Optimize my Sleep Cycle
  • Find Work or Revenue Source

Specific Goals: Learn the following APIs: WebRTC and ServiceWorkers.

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Well, probably you did me a favor mentioning it. There is so many things i would like to do for the next year. I think the more importants for me are:

  1. Improve my english level.
  2. Get fundations of functional programming.
  3. Improve my knowledge of JavaScript.
  4. Learn a functional languange (between Scala, Clojure, Haskell and Elixir).
  5. Apply functional programming in JavaScript.
  6. Understand the core of React.
  7. Contribute for the first time to open source projects.
  8. Learn design patterns.
  9. Start using Unit Testing.
  10. Create my own website by hand to put on it my portafolio.

Less priority:

  • Learn more about DevOps.
  • Learn about concurrency.
  • Create mini-projects in the road.
  • Start learning about Facebook interviews.
  • Make a progress in my current degree.
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  • Learn better and apply DDD
  • Learn better and apply CQRS + ES
  • Learn a bit more about AngularJS (Angular 2+ maybe) or ReactJS maybe
  • Know more about Docker
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  • Finish current project
  • Review and formalize my AWS infrastructure and deployment procedures
  • Ditch Wordpress in favour of a static site generator
  • Write more
  • Put together portfolio site
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  • learn react native
  • es6 in depth
  • create clone of android apps in react native
  • learn redux
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  • Learn Java;
  • Take online course- I am already taking
  • Take offline course - it's gonna start end of January
  • get an Internship opportunity
  • and learn until i collapse :D
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  • Actually write ES6
  • Learn D3.js in-depth
  • Finally get a solid grip on relational databases
  • Bonus: Learn Haskell
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  • learn my kids (8) to code more (more than current code.org lessons)
  • get into automated testing
  • use service workers
  • get into Redis
  • create generated art projects
  • solve 3+ unanswered topics a week on stackoverflow
  • write articles
  • share more code on github
  • use my arduino, tessel and pi more to build simple stuff with my kids
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I Will try to : Build my own boilerplate with Vue 2, node/express/graphql/mongodb backend and have great structure and an efficient code.

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  • Be an expert at Laravel. Watch at least 4 Laracast videos per week
  • Vue.js ninja
  • 3x per week github contributions
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  • VR. People are talking about VR, I don't have any knowledge about creating VR apps. Also I'm not sure if it's already viable to do it. I will be glad to learn that if I have a chance.
  • WebAssembly. Important tech for JavaScript world and ClojureScript world. I'm already keeping an eye on it.
  • ClojureScript. That's my main direction in 2016, will remain. I'm also trying to know more about server side programming and flat design.
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Be better at basics of computer science. Like data structures, networks, operating systems, compilers.

Be good in data science and machine learning.

Start GPU programming.

Start work on my own startup. Driverless car for India, made in India, by India.

Write 2 tech articles per month atleast.

See if i can fit React somewhere.

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  • Angular2
  • Node.js
  • Python
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  • Learn nodejs
  • Learn react
  • Implement websockets
  • Implement MIDI
  • Build my website http://www.videodromm.com with these!
  • Then use it to control my VJ software written in C++/openGL
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  • Learn more javascript at its core rather than just work on frameworks
  • Publish a polished native app in App Store and Play Store using React Native
  • Blog more regularly (At Least 2 articles per month )
  • Work on a Big Data application with heavy analytics workload (been doing RND on big data systems for quite some time now)
  • Automating all DevOps stuff that i do manually right now
  • Visit one of those remote and less traveled mountain valleys in India for a fortnight
  • Contribute to a open source project
  • Create a small project on my own and open source it.
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I want to push myself one step closer to become technical architect.

Few things on my plate

  1. Need to complete a PoC I started on Reactjs, Redux, Node & Express.
  2. Understanding web application authentication, session Id concepts for REST & OAuth.
  3. One DB understanding - Never worked on DB :(
  4. Devops integration (Jenkins, Maven)
  5. Need to resume blog writing again, learnt a lot and have to share it.
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  • AR/VR with React
  • Blockchain (Go-lang)
  • Clojure (Script)
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