What's your experience on Reactjs based Dashboard Framework?

Hey All,

I would like to get ideas/suggestions from you on "Using Reactjs based Dashboard Framework" for one of my upcoming app development.

While I have experience in working with react but I haven't explored much on the Dashboard Framework. Also I do not have the luxury to build one by my own.

Here are the Requirements that I am having to go ahead with:

  • Open source, free(like with MIT or Apache license) where it can be consumed without any loyalty-based contracts.
  • Got out-of-the-box widgets and ability for users to add widgets into a Widget library kind of thing.
  • Ability for users to build widgets with technologies like D3, Reactjs etc(This is a least ask, I think)
  • The Widgets can be placed together to create custom dashboards of choice.
  • The widgets can be dragged-dropped to place better to meet user's choice.
  • Dashboard configurations can be saved to a db.
  • All the widgets / dashboards could be managed from a place like, can be edited, deleted etc.
  • When we deliver the app using this Dashboard Framework, our customers would be able to add their widgets and create their Dashboards easily.
  • Responsive: Primary users are Desktop or large monitor users. However mobile support would be a great advantage.
  • (Optionally) Theme can be changed and can be re-branded.
  • (Optionally) Different Layout support for the Dashboard.

If you have hands-on experience in using any Dashboard Framework(react based) with most(or all) these capabilities, please share your experience.

I'm sure this will help many of us to select the right one for use ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘.

Thanks in Advance!

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