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What's Your Idea About Next Hashnode Devblog Feature?

Bayu Angora's photo
Bayu Angora
·Jul 12, 2019

My idea about next Hashnode Devblog feature:

• Add menu and category, not only tagging form. So, when visitors click that button, they will redirect to specific category by the user, not general tagging Hashnode page.

• Reduce too many javascript requests from page loading, because there are about 10 scripts that load on forntend.

• Avoid external script (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc) from page loading if user doesn't fill its form.

• Make slug url pretty and clean with domain.tld/this-is-my-title format rather than domain.tld/this-is-my-title-cxfzqwyblablabla ugly format.

• User can choose specific fonts for title and body. Use only one font is also good option to avoid distraction and too many http requests.

• If website use custom domain, then "post must you read" section is must from the same domain, not from another writer.

• Dark mode toggle button for frontend Devblog, not only for admin dashboard.

• Add option to choose about pagination, not only default infinity load.

• Additional CSS form to customize some forntend elements.

More idea?