What's your preferred unix shell?









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Curious to know if people stick with bash (eg. default Linux or OSX Terminal, WSL) or prefer an alternative? What drives your choice?

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I suppose I should say why I choose bash... main reason is that by sticking to bash things are reasonably familiar when I remote into another machine; and also really I don't have massive pain points with it anyway. Plus bash is the default on all the platforms I use (osx, win10, rpi linux).

Philosophically it's a lot like knowing the base language before you learn an abstraction, or the real git commands under your aliases. Plus while shell alternatives have some really neat tricks, they also have some overhead to learn and maintain.

It's not a strongly-held opinion though, I'm just curious to see what people say :)

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I use zsh with agnoster theme. It looks totally awesome:


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I honestly haven't missed a single command from bash + I enjoy the features that come from many bundled zsh plugins. The one I enjoy the most is probably the autocomplete.

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I use zsh. Even though It have lots of features, I use it only for the amazing themes and the out of the box git aliases.

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I have always used Bash and never thought about changing it. It is great!

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Could be an interesting idea to build a Shell with web technologies and bake all personal habits inside. Also, it would be familiar on other machines as long as it's installed.

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You might be interested in https://hyperterm.org ... although if you just want to replicate your settings across machines, why not put your bash profile/bashrc into source control or dropbox and source it from there on each machine?

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@200ok you are right. I just think in every Ubuntu I can use Bash by default without too much configs and without installing anything. I do have a copy of Bachrc prepared.