What’s your theme on Sublime?

Material Theme


Space Gray






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Material Theme is soooooo cooool.


Gustavo Benedito Costa's photo

None of them. I use mostly An Old Hope and Nord, with DA UI.

For light theme, I use Ayu LIght and Spacegray Light, but only in case of BBCode and Markdown languages.

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Irsyad A. Panjaitan's photo

Actually not just that moved to vsc, Like a file icon, boxy too. I dont know why what just happened.

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Irsyad A. Panjaitan, I think he does not want to tell what happened to him. It could be a depression, stress or then terminal illness.

I had a best friend from Belgium who did not want to tell me what happened to him. He stopped of speaking with me and I tried to figure what happened. 6 months later, I discovered his death certificate in the internet. He passed away of cancer.