What process do you follow?

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Ah, what a perfect opportunity for me to answer this, having started a new job just a week back.

The best way is obviously to dive in to code. Pick out a part of the application that you think you understand the most and trace the code by inserting logs (or breakpoints) to get a grip of the coding pattern. Then, build a similar feature or a solve a bug in the part of the code that you understood. Once your first PR gets merged, you will be touching all parts of the code very very soon.

Happy coding! I am still in the process of shipping out my first feature, I'll keep you posted on how it works out for me. :)


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I usually dive right in. I'd ask for specific bugs I could go hunt down and fix. This is the first step (at least for me it is) in figuring out what is going on in the codel

Sometimes I open up a new text file and write down the execution path (who calls what and who constructs what) in pseudo-code. This is especially useful if the code is too difficult to follow or has too much stuff going on.

  • Try to find out what the code is supposed to do.
  • No matter how bad is the documentation will go through all them if exists.
  • Talk to anyone who might know something about the code.
  • Step through the code in the debugger.
  • Introduce small changes and see what breaks.
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