Where to begin ?

I am a newbie to tech and I want to understand and read open-source projects like vue or react. I am puzzled from which file to start reading so that I get a sync, like in projects built using create-react-app you start from App.js. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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Shrilakshmi Shastry,

My 2 cents would be, have a tutorial(or any of the reads) handy. It gives required comfort in understanding something new. For example, if you are starting with react.js for the first time, have some basic step-by-step tutorial to follow alongside. I am sure, most of the tutorials will use create-react-app and they will ask you to modify a file like App.js etc.

Once you have built something basic following a guide, keep the guide aside. Build something else with the learning you had just now. This is going to boost your confidence and make you comfortable with things.

Another thing you may want to try is, do not ignore the questions(doubts) come in your mind while following any guide/tutorial/practical examples. At the same time, do not get into the rabbit hole of getting answers of them at a go. Note down your doubts. Re-visit them once you done with following the articles/guides. Search those over internet and expand your readings.

Last but not the least, note down your learning for future reference. If there is something you feel like sharing, why not writing about it as a blog!

So I see this as a complete cycle. Sorry for not giving any pointed answer to the question you asked but, hope it helps.

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I think it's probably a good idea, when exploring a new tool, to follow a brief introduction.

This can be in whatever format you like - book, blog posts, video, ask a friend. Probably many tutorials out there are better than what fits in a typical answer.

Once you have a general idea, you can look around. Possibly try to achieve some small change, so you have a goal. You can then ask/look up things you're not sure about, but it's hard to formulate specific questions if you don't have a general idea about the tool yet.