Which are some of the good online course and training websites?

I have joined Teamtreehouse in past. And they have moved to their own cloud IDE and their scope limits to Mac.Content is not meant for anything serious usage. It just doesn't feel satisfying doing their trails.

Lynda seems to be not updating the content for new frameworks or even between the new updates in frameworks. After Linkedin acquisition they too moved to cloud IDE on some courses.

Pluarlsight is one that I tried for 2 month trial available with Microsoft last december. It has older content and no updates on frontend and backend topics.

Wes Bos and Azat's courses are literally less focused on fundamentals and also too much commentary and less code.

Udemy has lot of spam content mostly stolen videos and piracy content being resold by some authors. Skillshare also tackles really less quality content.

What I have not tried so far -

  • Safari Online Oreilly courses
  • Frontend Masters
  • PacktPub Courses
  • TutsPlus Envato
  • SpringBoard

Any place you refer for courses and training?

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I use video courses only to get a quick start. Later I prefer official docs to get in depth.

Most of the time I choose Udemy. I've bought more than 15 courses on it and so far I'm very happy, and it's very cheap! Even if you don't like a course, you can easily get a refund in 30 days.

Egghead is pretty good. It's new, but quality courses

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I like TeamTreehouse as it has gamified learning programming concepts and languages. I prefer learning sites that have gamified the learning experience over a site that has a wide variety of lectures.

I find that the lectures are often of poor quality, such as on Udemy, and don't capture my attention and encourage me to continue quite like TeamTreehouse does it.

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for basic to advanced you check this course: udemy.com/the-complete-javascript-course

this author explain everything its best js till date according to me.