Which color theme do you prefer in your code editor?





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Dark or white color theme is better for the eyes?

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Join the dark side, we have cookies. (c)

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Well if you are continuously seeing the white and you need to switch your eyes continuously between white and dark, it will definitely make your eye worse. So if you need to switch between the preview and the coding, then I prefer both white, but you are concerned with the coding only, then go with Dark.

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I don't understand why everyone has voted for Dark. Personally I feel that white is much better suited for programming.

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I prefer dark, because of better contrast. I have my screen close to the window, usually work in the morning, and I find that a better contrast (aka a dark theme) makes it easier for me to spot things in my code.

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Maybe Hashnode can take a hint from this poll.

I simply install an invert colors application on my system. It works well for reading online.

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I'm new to all this but I really feel the solarized theme is the best for me but I have no glare as there is overhead lighting but a shelf directly above the monitor. Especially because I am constantly switching to some reference which is usually a lighter color. That switch is rough if in dark mode.