Choosing a Javascript Framework for my Django project is driving me crazy. I need faster page loading, easy code, easy to learn, and it should work fluently with Django's templating engine.

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You can look at ReactJS, it satisfies your requirements of being easy to code, easy to learn; and not sure what you mean by integration with Django's template engine (which one?)

Since ReactJS already is a huge proponent of pushing thoughts in the direction of "components", I think you would hardly need any "templates" per se.

Combined with Django on the backend, and ReactJS library (yes React is not a framework) in the front end, you should get a sweet setup.

To give you a quick start, here is a good seed project:

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You can use Angular 1 and Django pretty easily with Django REST Framework. Tutorial is here!

Angular and React work really well with Django! You can also take a look at EmberJS.loo

You can look up for some Boilerplate code on github and start from there, My personal choice would be ReactJS.