Which keyboard and mouse do you use?

Let's face it, as developers, we're on the computer A LOT. For this reason, most of us have gone through more than a couple of keyboards and computer mice, as well as setup modifications.

In this post, share with us the make/model of keyboard and mouse that you use, as well as an explanation of why these are your choice.

I recently switched to the Logitech G513 Carbon keyboard and have used the 3M Ergonomic Wired mouse for many years. I also have an Anker A7851 as a backup mouse.

I also use the Razer Black Window Stealth Tournament Edition keyboard.

Logitech G513 Carbon w/Romer-G Tactile switches


This is by far my favorite keyboard I've touched. It is a mechanical keyboard but instead of the longer travel of the Cherry MX-style keyboards I've used in the past, and Razer brown switches, these are 1/2 the travel. What this means is that there still exists the tactile mechnical feel/actuation, but with the slimmer profile similar to a more "modern" standard keyboard. It's basically like a 2019 Mac keyboard meets a mechanical gaming keyboard. This results in several key benefits for me:

  1. Speed. I noticed an immediately speed increase when I began typing on this thing. I went from about 95-100 WPM to 115-120 WPM. This is due to the shorter travel distance which means that I can press more keys in less time.

  2. Ergonomics. A huge part of ergonomics for my hands is actuation pressure. These keys require less pressure and combined with less travel distance, clearly put less strain on my hands.

  3. Sound. Clicky mechanical keyboards can be cool... But aside from disturbing others, sometimes they can just get old. I had a Cherry MX blue keyboard I used at home for a while by Hyper X. It was cool at first, but the clicky sound began to irritate me and the travel distance wore on my hands. These Romer-G Tactile switches do not have the "clicky" sound but are not super silent either - generally, they are acceptable for a standard-type keyboard.

  4. Backlighting. I don't generally appreciate keyboard backlighting. This model has full RGB colors customizable however you want, but I have them turned off since I never look down at my keyboard anyway, so it makes no difference whether or not I have light in the room.

  5. Build quality. It's made out of metal which is generally a good thing. I should also note that Logitech rates these switches at 70 million keystrokes versus the 50 million that Cherry MX's are rated for.

3M Ergonomic Wired Mouse


I don't have a big list for this one, but the mouse looks like a joystick. Actually, it is not a joystick but rather it forces the user to move the mouse with the arm rather than than wrist. It also takes clicks from a thumb-rocker. This style of mouse is horrible for gaming, but great for business tasks and other non-gaming tasks since the thumb is capable of clicking hundreds of thousands of times per day with zero strain since the movement that the mouse requires are very minute. Ever since I used this mouse, RSI completely disappeared and hasn't come back for years.

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Marco Alka's photo

Hi there, nice setup, Todd. I sometimes wonder how alternative mouse devices would feel like, but never get around to test them out.

Syed Fazle Rahman thanks for the invite! I guess I will hijack this post and comment my stuff right here 😝

I need to make a confession. I bought a $10 Logitech K120 keyboard for work. And I like it. Enough to buy a second one.

I went through a number of keyboards myself. I had my hands on expensive Cherry, Apple and Razer products, but you know what? It turns out that for programming and writing tasks, that low-budget keyboard feels really nice for me. I use the QWERTY int. layout in addition, which puts a lot of often-used characters in easy to reach spots. Is it the best, though? No, certainly not, however it is the best value for price product I know, it works well for me, and it is really quiet (I have heavy fingers).

For my mouse, I prefer the Logitech Performance MX, which uses the Darkfield technology. This tech enables the mouse to work on every surface, even glass, which is nice especially when on the go. It is a rather big and heavy mouse, which works well with my rather big hands.

What do I use at home, though? Well, I did not intent to buy them for programming tasks, however I got used to them, so I stuck with them even for programming. First, my keyboard: The Razer DeathStalker Ultimate. Make no mistake, it's expensive garbage. I don't like Razer software at all, and most of the advantages of the keyboard, like the touchscreen, do not even work all the time, and only have very few use-cases. It's one of my regrets.

For the mouse, I used the Logitech G9x until it broke a few years ago, then I switched 100% to my Razer Naga 2012, which is an MMO mouse with 12 thumb-buttons. It's nice in the hand, but I am beginning to hate it for being cable-bound. After years of heavy daily usage, it still feels snappy, so I guess waiting for it to break will be a long journey.

If I had the money, which keyboard and mouse would I choose? Actually, I really want to replace my keyboard. Which is why I did some research, and at the moment, I'd get the Razer Huntsman Ultimate. I love the wrist rest on my current keyboard, so I would love to get a keyboard with one again. The keys are "mechan-optical", which means a good snappy feeling plus very quick response without bouncing. Plus I get back a numpad, which is my most missed feature at the moment.

As for the mouse, I'd probably go for the Razer Naga Epic. It has the thumb buttons I love and is wireless. They say it has the same lag as a cable-bound one, and if that is true, I'd love to get my hands on it

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cedric simon's photo

I use mechanical keyboards for many years, and my Topre 10keyless have served me well.

But now, I use the ergo dash, it's so better for my hands.
I would have never imagined a keyboard could be so confortable.
Cherry brown switches, my preferred type of switch.

Ergo Dash
I customized the firmware to my needs, and I can't go back now.

I use a logitech G300s for work, and a G404 at home.

Akash Rajvanshi's photo

Hey Todd!! I use Logitech G14 Mechanical Switches Keyboard and Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse (Black)

  • Keyboard: Logitech_Keyboard.png

  • Mouse: Logitech_mouse.png

Keyboard :

Logitech G14 Mechanical Switches Keyboard

  • ROMER-G TACTILE Switches
  • Programmable Macros
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Precision Key Lighting

Mouse :

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse (Black)

  • ON-THE-FLY DPI SWITCHING (240-4000 dpi)
  • 1MS Report Rate
Todd's photo

Software Security TechLead

Nice! Thanks for sharing. We have the same switches... They're the best!!!

maxdevjs's photo

What!!! That mouse is carrying me on Mars 😱

Emil Moe's photo

I'm no big fan of a lot of light and LEDs on my equipment or flashy things for that matter. However I'm a big fan of flat keys, I think they are called scissor keys? Most likely mainly to the reason that I always use laptops and no desktops. For my MacBook it's an obvious choice that I have a Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard - I love that keyboard! Small and still very good.

For my DELL I use my Logitech MX 2 - which I actually love a lot more than my Magic Mouse. With it I have a Surface Keyboard. I bought an expensive Logitech at first, but the keys were rounded and that was such a horrible experience to me, that I only used it for 2 days before I spent another $100 on my Surface which I like a lot more.

The down parts of the Surface keyboard is that I think the [Delete] button should have a little more distance to the left part ([Enter]) to make it easier to feel where the buttons are. Also I often hit the wrong shortcut when making [ and ] but I think this is mainly due to the fact that I switch a lot between Mac and Windows keyboards.

I also own an mStand for each of my 2 laptops and I think that's a huge plus for my ergonomic comfort:


Milica Maksimović's photo

Great question Todd!

I use Redragon Manyu k579 RGB keyboard and Cooler Master Mastermouse S.




I've chosen this one because I wanted a spill-proof mechanical keyboard that was not too pricey (under 100$ on Amazon as far as I know).


I'm absolutely in love with the clicky sound it produces, but to be very honest, it's one of those loud keyboards I would mind if I were working in an office. (Remote work ftw 🚀)

The caps can be compared to CherryMX blues, but some cheaper Chinese version of it.


I haven't done specific tests but can confirm that I've been making wayy fewer typos on it when compared to my previous one.


It's as shiny as it looks. I do prefer shiny things so... 😎


I'm not a professional commenter in this field, but I can say that even though I type a lot at work, I haven't had any "strain" moments. I do have tiny hands, so those ones with palm rest actually make my typing experience worse.

Build quality

This is one of those gaming keyboards that can take quite a lot of beating and is very heavy. After ~1 year of use, you can see that some of the caps got a bit shiny, but ... I think that's fairly normal.


I got it as a parting gift from my previous coworkers. It's on the small side, which works great with my small hands 😁 Gaming mouses tend to be a bit on the big side for me, but this one is 👌

The one thing I did is to open it up and remove the weight they've added for ... some reason. I know that this move made it lighter and easier to move around.


Pankaj Patel's photo

I use following:

Keyboard: Keychron K2 keyboard.jpg

Mouse: Logitech MX Master 2S mouse.jpg

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Pankaj Patel's photo

Geek, Blogger, Developer... time2hack.com

Todd Same here and I got it from friend's recommendation. I am very happy with it.

Plug and Play mechanical keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity and keycaps for both windows and mac.

Grigorii K. Shartsev's photo

Teacher at University and Full-stack web-developer

This keyboard look very cool! I wanted to buy Logitech mechanic one, but they are too wide and only one is wireless...

Pankaj Patel, what switches on K2 have you chosen? Have you tried any Logitech one?

Luiyi Dilone's photo

Hi there, pretty cool setup Todd

I'm in love with Brown Cherry switches, i currently use the Ducky One 2 mini as my main keyboard and for the secondary a Dell TH836.

I was not a fan of the RGB but, as a late night coder, i appreciate the soft lights on the keys.


for the mouse i use the Logitech G-203, i have small hands.


Stefan Libbe's photo

Keyboard: usually the one that is part of a laptop. Some laptop keyboards need some time to get used to, but that's fine. Backlight is appreciated.

No mouse, no trackpad, I live by using a trackball. Best is the Logitech Trackball M570, good alternative is the Logitech Trackman Marble. I like to use different trackballs, but somehow other brand trackballs are always disappointing and often less durable as well.

Vladimir Kostov's photo

I use the ones that work.

Gergely Polonkai's photo

I have an Aukey KM-G9 mechanical keyboard. It’s far from being ergonomic, and i really look forward to switch to a Keyboardio Model 01, hopefully soon. I do a lot of (well, most) things with a keyboard, so this is very important to my fingers and my wrist.

As a mouse i use a Logitech Marble. I don’t use it that often so i don’t really need anything more ergonomic.

Also, if we are talking about ergonomics here, a good chair is very important. And don’t forget to leave your desk for a few minutes every hour. Your eyes and joints will thank you later. Having a workout session at the end of the day doesn’t help this much.

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