Which stack to use for blogging site?

Hey everyone, I have decided to make a blogging site for me. I have decided to use Gridsome for that purpose as I am a vue fan.

Now, I wanted your suggestions on what should I use for managing the content, tags etc.

I have thought of two options

  • Use yaml, markdown for the content.
  • Use a CMS for that like contentful.

For what should I go for and why?

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Are you doing it for fun or blogging?

Taking care of a blog site AND blogging could be very time consuming.

If you want to do it for fun, the go with recommendations below. If you want to do serious blogging, use WordPress or why not, Hashnode itself :D

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Yeah, I'm doing it for fun and learning about new technologies.

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I would suggest:

Out of the three options in that list, I have only used the first one, Netlify CMS with Gatsby. The setup should be similar, I think. It gives you the options of (one) updating/ creating a markdown file and pushing to GitHub or (two) using an admin dashboard where you create/edit/delete the posts/pages that are in the background still markdown files.

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Thanks for the suggestions Ndagi Stanley!

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Hey Nishant Mittal

I have used Eleventy for development and article management and I could not be happier.

  • Markdown for the content
  • Nunjucks for special tagging/snippets
  • Building with community based plugins

(Styling and theming was custom made by myself so I don't know of the ready-made options)

For hosting, Netlify all the way! I bought a custom domain from GoDaddy and the integration was fast and seemless.

If this for a client, the discussion has many variables that are highly dependent of context. For another time :P


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Passionate Programmer

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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How much effort do you want to put into the blog content vs the blog infra itself?

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